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Retribution of Scryah

Featured Products:

Warmachine/Scyrah/tokens.jpg Warmachine: Retribution Of Scyrah Mk II Token Set
Each of these faction-specific token sets includes 10 focus tokens sporting the faction’s color and symbol in addition to over 30 status tokens for tracking spells and in-game effects. The spell tokens are completely customizable, so you won’t have to spend time fishing around for the right token or carry multiple sets for different warcasters. Just mark the token with a dry-erase marker and get back to the action in seconds! Made from high-quality plastic, WARMACHINE token sets arm players with everything they need for the front lines!
#PIP 91055 - Price: $ 11.99 - $ 9.59 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/stormfall_archers_blister.jpg Scyrah - Stormfall Archers
Contains 4 miniatures. Stormfall Archers are walking artillery batteries that can unleash a firestorm of death and destruction from an arsenal of alchemical ammunition. Requiring only their great compound bows to launch their firepower across the battlefield, the Stormfall Archers are quite unlike the slow moving cannon crews preferred by the human kingdoms. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35017 - Price: $ 24.99 - $ 19.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/mage_hunter_strike_force_unit_box.jpg Scyrah - Mage Hunter Strike Force Unit Box
Contains 6 miniatures. Mage hunters are expected to function in extreme circumstances, such as surviving hand-to-mouth deep in enemy territory while isolated from friendly support. At home in any environment, they learn to scavenge and improvise, and to kill without hesitation. Their first priority is always the elimination of enemy arcanists and mechanikal constructs—which they believe harm Scyrah. Mage Hunter Strike Force comes in a box. A player may field two Mage Hunter Strike Force units for each warcaster in his Retribution army. Mage Hunter Strike Force comes in a box (PIP 35014). A player may field two Mage Hunter Strike Force units for each warcaster in his Retribution army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35014 - Price: $ 39.99 - $ 31.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/mage_hunter_strikeforce_commander.jpg Scyrah - Mage Hunter Commander Unit Attachment
Contains 1 miniature. Veteran teams led by senior commanders are well versed in advanced Retribution techniques. Slipping past the outer defenses of an enemy base, they fire bolts through intervening walls to kill without a trace. Working alongside other soldiers in the Retribution military, these teams apply similar methods to erase vital targets before they can even join battle. Mage Hunter Commander comes in a blister. A player may field one Mage Hunter Commander for each warcaster in his Retribution army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35015 - Price: $ 9.99 - $ 7.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/houseguard_rifleman_unit_box.jpg Scyrah - Houseguard Riflemen Unit Box
Contains 10 miniatures. Companies of riflemen have joined the Retribution in number and serve as the long-reaching line for the army abroad. They wield heavy rifles capable of delivering punishing firepower against the human armies that so greatly outnumber them. Rather than haphazardly firing into the enemy, a rifleman is trained to take careful aim and regard each trigger pull as a prospective kill. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35011 - Price: $ 42.99 - $ 34.39 On Sale! Order
Image not available. Scyrah - Houseguard Rifleman Officer & Standard Bearer Unit Attachment
Contains 2 miniatures. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35030 - Price: $ 14.99 - $ 11.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/houseguard_halberdier_officer.jpg Scyrah - Houseguard Halberdier Officer & Standard Bearer Unit Attachment
Includes 2 miniatures. The officers who lead halberdier companies see themselves as consummate warriors and living examples for their subordinates. These officers must forge their men into disciplined groups acting as a single concerted body. In time some few will be remembered as lasting heroes, while others will die on first clash with the enemy and have their banner picked up and carried on. Houseguard Halberdier Officer & Standard Bearer comes in a blister. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35029 - Price: $ 15.99 - $ 12.79 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/house_shyeel_battle_mages.jpg Scyrah - House Shyell Battle Mages Unit Box
Contains 6 miniatures. House Shyeel has assembled squads of arcanists who specialize in the application of raw evoked force. They have no fear of closing with the enemy, for they enter battle equipped with massive arcanika-charged gauntlets that lend supernatural strength to their strikes. Their control over kinetic energies allows them to emerge unscathed from even massive explosions. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35012 - Price: $ 29.99 - $ 23.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/heavy_rifle_team.jpg Scyrah - Heavy Rifle Team Weapon Crew
Available 4/27
Contains 2 miniatures. The cannons used by the heavy rifle teams of the houseguard are deadly effective pieces of Iosan ordnance. The heavy rifle crews are adept at picking apart enemies from well across the battlefield, and the heavy bolts fired by their cannons can penetrate thick armor with appalling ease. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35038 - Price: $ 19.99 - $ 15.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/heavy_myrmidon.jpg Scyrah - Heavy Myrmidon Plastic Kit
Contains 1 miniature. House Shyeel has brought the power of its formidable myrmidons to the Retribution, fighting machines enhanced by sophisticated arcanika systems. The Hydra stores energy in its arcane batteries to unleash a torrent of crushing blows or a singularly powerful blast. The Manticore is equally as formidable in melee or at range, thanks to kinetically augmented attacks and its Cyclone Cannon. The Phoenix enters battle in a blaze of blue-white flames as liquid fire ignites along its massive thermal blade. This box set contains three color stat cards and one multi-part heavy myrmidon plastic model (PIP 35007). Included are all the components to assemble one of three heavy myrmidon variants: Hydra, Manticore, or Phoenix. A player may field any number of heavy myrmidons in his Retribution army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35007 - Price: $ 29.99 - $ 23.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/sentinels_unit_box.jpg Scyrah - Dawnguard Sentinel Unit Box
Contains 10 miniatures. Sentinel captains will commit any action that will bring honor and glory to the order and thereby to House Nyarr. The Sentinel discipline is the one most often chosen by heirs of House Nyarr's bloodline, for it exemplifies Dawnguard virtues. Banner bearers carry aloft in imperishable metal the oaths by which they live as a visible reminder to all their men of their purpose. Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard Bearer comes in a blister. A player may field one Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard Bearer for each warcaster in his Retribution army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35009 - Price: $ 49.99 - $ 39.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/destors_cavalry.jpg Scyrah - Dawnguard Destors Cavalry Unit
Contains 5 miniatures. The elite cavalry of the Dawnguard, destors thunder across the battlefield to smash apart enemy lines or bring down heavily armored foes. Armed with lance cannons designed specifically for their order, the destors can soften an enemy from afar with unerring blasts from their weapons and then finish the job with a crushing cavalry charge. Many times it is the thundering hooves of a destor charge that deliver victory for the Retribution. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35024 - Price: $ 99.99 - $ 79.99 On Sale! Order
Scyrah - Chimera Light Myrmidon
Contains 1 miniature. The Chimera has an unsettling appearance, as its active power field makes its form blur and fade. Once it nears the enemy, a Chimera becomes a delivery device for its warcaster’s most powerful arcane powers, channeled across its arc node. The Chimera will strike and kill with its scything arm-mounted glaives, then vanish as nearby soldiers turn desperately to engage it. With a flicker of blended light it reappears behind them to deliver arcane death. Chimera comes in a blister. A player may field any number of Chimeras in his Retribution army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35006 - Price: $ 20.99 - $ 16.79 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/generator.jpg Scyrah - Arcantrik Force Generator
Available 4/27
Contains 1 miniature. The arcantrik force generator is a massive engine of war that houses one of the most devastating and complex weapons in the arsenal of the Retribution of Scyrah. Its teleforce cannon, which fires concentrated bursts of kinetic energy, represents the very pinnacle of Iosan arcane science. Blasts from the force generator shatter anything they touch, reduce the ground to craters and rubble, and fling enemies aside like broken dolls. This model is composed of resin and white metal components. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 35039 - Price: $ 84.99 - $ 67.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Scyrah/rulebook_sc.jpg Forces of Warmachine: Retribution Of Scyrah Softcover
Retribution is at hand! Hidden behind their impenetrable borders, a sect within the long-secluded nation of Ios is preparing for war. Once outlawed as dangerous and radical, the Retribution of Scyrah has come from the shadows to offer the elves of Ios a chance at salvation. The Retribution is convinced that by ending the rampant spread of mankind’s magic they can stop the slow death of their god Scyrah and save their race. Armed with the power of arcanika and backed by mighty myrmidon warjacks, the armies of the Retribution of Scyrah are prepared to hunt down and eradicate every last human magic user in western Immoren. Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah introduces the first new faction since the release of the award-winning miniatures game WARMACHINE, and it is the first official product compliant with Mk II rules. This 116-page full-color book contains: # Complete faction rules and profiles for fielding the Retribution of Scyrah in WARMACHINE Mk II, including 5 new warcasters # An in-depth look at the history of the ancient and long-secluded nation of Ios # A painting guide to help get your forces ready for battle # An all-new Theme Forces section, which allows players to create armies based on various specialized forces in the WARMACHINE world
#PIP 1019 - Price: $ 34.99 - $ 27.99 On Sale! Order
hyperion.jpg Scyrah - Hyperion Colossal
Hyperions tower over the vanguard of Retribution forces, armed with an incomprehensibly powerful starburst weapon capable of annihilating anything in its blast. Originally designed centuries ago to protect Ios from the unspeakable threat of dragons, the power Hyperions wield is so terrible they were banned from Iosan cities and relegated to deployment along its borders. Incissar Vyros, emboldened by victory, has now overridden that order to add these most formidable Iosan constructs ever developed to the Retribution’s arsenal.
#PIP 35050 - Price: $ 129.99 - $ 103.99 On Sale!
mage_hunter_infiltrators.jpg Scyrah - Mage Hunters Infiltrators Unit (White Metal)
Mage hunter infiltrators specialize in hunting and killing enemy arcanists. At home in any environment, they take advantage of their surroundings to close on their target in silence, their blades slicing through arcane wards with practiced ease. From out of the darkness they strike, quickly and efficiently dispatching those whose very existence threatens Scyrah.
#PIP 35051 - Price: $ 49.99 - $ 39.99 On Sale!
retribution of scyrah battlegroup_plastic.png Scyrah - Battlegroup (Plastic)
The Retribution of Scyrah has risen out of the secluded elven nation of Ios to eliminate the human sorcery that threatens to destroy their gods. Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper stalks her enemies with her myrmidons at her side, shrouding them in shadows to cover their advance. The flickering form of the Chimera and fleet Griffon strike suddenly, while the powerful Manticore lays down covering fire before closing with the deadly curved sabers affixed to its arms. This starter box (PIP 35053) contains quick start rules and a complete battlegroup of four plastic models and corresponding stat cards for WARMACHINE, including: Warcaster Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper Chimera Light Myrmidon Griffon Light Myrmidon Manticore Heavy Myrmidon
#PIP 35053 - Price: $ 49.99 - $ 39.99 On Sale!
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