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Khador- Warcasters

Image not available. Butcher of Khardov, Warcaster
#PIP 33001 - Price: $ 14.99 - $ 11.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/kommander_sorscha_alternate_pose.jpg Khador - Kommander Sorscha, Warcaster
Blister includes 1 alternate pose Kommander Sorscha. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 33021 - Price: $ 7.99 - $ 6.39 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/karchev.jpg Khador - Karchev the Terrible, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. Karchev is the man in the machine, a warcaster with a body of steel and a heart of fury. On the battlefield he drives forward relentlessly to crush the enemies of his beloved Motherland. Few are those that can withstand sheer brutality of his assault. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 33032 - Price: $ 49.99 - $ 39.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/old_witch.jpg Khador - Old Witch of Khador, Warcaster
Contains 2 miniatures. More ancient than Khador itself, the Old Witch steps forth from myth and onto your table-top in September following the release of Apotheosis. At battle against the foes of Khador, she is never without her personal warjack, the Scrapjack. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 33033 - Price: $ 29.99 - $ 23.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/epic_sorscha.jpg Khador - Epic Forward Kommander Sorscha, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. The invasion of Llael has gone well for the Motherland, but young Kratikoff has not gone unchanged for all of that. Promoted to Forward Kommander, she will bring new tactics to your army with her new spells, abilities, and feat. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 33034 - Price: $ 10.99 - $ 8.79 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/vladimir_dark_champion.jpg Khador - Vladimir, Dark Champion, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. Now recovered from his deadly wounds, Vladimir Tzepesci once again marches amongst the armies of western Immoren and toward a destiny he must fulfill. Few among the Iron Kingdoms know of the true treats to come, however the dark champion shall see to it that either a zealous prophet or undead regent pays the ultimate price for threatening his precious Motherland. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 33035 - Price: $ 19.99 - $ 15.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/epic_orsus.jpg Khador - Epic Warcaster Orsus Zoktavir
Contains 1 miniature. Any who thought time might mellow the rage of Orsus Zoktavir have been disabused of that notion. He is incapable of restraint away from the battlefield, never at peace with himself, and at home only amid the chaos and bloodshed of war. Constant battles against the Motherland’s enemies have deepened his madness, brought forth dark echoes from the depths of his being, and utterly shattered his always-tenuous self-control. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 33042 - Price: $ 22.99 - $ 18.39 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/supreme_kommandant_irusk.jpg Khador - Supreme Kommandant Irusk, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. The greatest military genius of the age, Gurvaldt Irusk draws on decades of experience and his intuitive grasp of battle to direct his soldiers with the precision of perfect gears in a vast machine. Recent defeats have sharpened his focus and Irusk has returned to the front determined to redeem himself in the eyes of his empress. Supreme Kommandant Irusk comes in a blister (PIP 33053). Supreme Kommandant Irusk is featured in WARMACHINE: Legends expansion for WARMACHINE. Get a preview of Supreme Kommandant Irusk in No Quarter #16. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 33053 - Price: $ 19.99 - $ 15.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/war_dog_attachment.jpg Khador - War Dog Warcaster Attachment
Contains 1 miniature. The breeding of war hounds is a high art in the rugged hills and lowlands of Khador, provided one's concept of art allows for the likelihood of having one's fingers chewed off by two hundred pounds of raw muscle. Khadoran officers commonly bring these beasts to the battlefield and look to them as both companions and protectors. A player may field one War Dog for each warcaster in his Khador army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 33060 - Price: $ 9.99 - $ 7.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/kommadant_irusk_2009.jpg Khador - Kommandant Irusk, Warcaster (2009 Sculpt)
Contains 1 miniature. Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk was born to make war. Irusk’s meteoric rise to power is the product of sheer determination, devotion, and strategic brilliance. His instinctive grasp of tactics allows him to see weaknesses where others do not, his commanding presence inspires his soldiers to greatness, and his innate magical capabilities enable him to exploit every situation to the utmost. His accomplishments have inspired a generation of Khadoran officers and made his name known throughout western Immoren. This all new version of Kommandant Irusk presents a dynamic new sculpt for this classic warcaster. Kommandant Irusk – 2009 comes in a blister (PIP 33065). A player may field one Kommandant Irusk in a Khador army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 33065 - Price: $ 11.99 - $ 9.59 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/kommander_strakhov.jpg Khador - Kommander Strakhov, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. Few soldiers are as hated and feared by the Motherland’s enemies as Kommander Viktor Strakhov. Strakhov takes pride in the fact that he has never refused a mission, no matter how dangerous. Although he prefers to rely on his physical superiority, his potent arcane abilities have been refined to aid him in the shock assaults in which he excels. Strakhov and his ’jacks launch brutal strikes against enemy positions, slaughtering the enemy before they can react. With each engagement, Strakhov changes the face of warfare in the Iron Kingdoms to match his vision of bloody excellence. Kommander Strakhov comes in a blister. A player may field one Kommander Strakhov in a Khador army.
#PIP 33066 - Price: $ 9.99 - $ 7.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/vladimir_dark_prince.jpg Khador - Vlad, The Dark Prince, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 33013 - Price: $ 10.99 - $ 8.79 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Khador/butcher_2010.jpg Khador - Butcher of Khardov, Warcaster (2010 Sculpt)
Contains 1 miniature. The Butcher is a potent symbol of the consequence of treachery against Empress Ayn Vanar. In the protective casing of his modified suit of steam-powered armor shaped from the hull of a warjack, he is a force of destruction, a one-man wrecking crew. Soldiers across western Immoren cannot purge the vision of the axe-wielding giant from their nightmares: a man become a living personification of warfare and bloodshed. This all-new version of The Butcher of Khardov presents a dynamic new sculpt for this classic warcaster. The Butcher of Khardov – 2010 comes in a blister (PIP 33072). A player may field one Butcher of Khardov in a Khador army.
#PIP 33072 - Price: $ 16.99 - $ 13.59 On Sale! Order
Vladimir_Tzepesci-Great_Prince_Umbrey.jpg Khador - Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey
Reclaiming his long-denied birthright, Great Prince Vladimir Tzepesci rides his warhorse Vsada into battle to defend the lands of Umbrey restored to his family. He wields weapons of the ancient Tzepesci horselords, carrying a spear in one hand and the mace Huntsman in the other. Should strength of arms alone prove insufficient, Vladimir lashes out with dark sorceries, the blood of kings that runs in his veins lending him the strength to secure victory.
#PIP 33092 - Price: $ 39.99 - $ 31.99 On Sale!
kommander_zoktavir_ButcherUnleashed.jpg Khador - Kommander Zoktavir, the Butcher Unleashed Epic Warcaster
Orsus Zoktavir is a living legend, having earned a place in the company of other almost-mythical heroes from the frozen north. A brutal warrior capable of unbridled savagery, he is feared by his soldiers as much as by his foes. His only companions are his two war argus—two-headed hounds that are a living embodiment of the untamable darkness inside the Butcher.
#PIP 33101 - Price: $ 64.99 - $ 51.99 On Sale!
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