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Hordes/Everblight/forsaken.jpg Legion of Everblight - Forsaken
Contains 1 miniature. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 73018 - Price: $ 7.99 - $ 6.38 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Everblight/sheppard.jpg Legion of Everblight - Nyss Sheppard
Contains 1 miniature. Nyss shepherds possess a quality that allows them to almost touch the intangible connection between warlock and dragonspawn. A warlock may extend his will beyond normal limits and produce sometimes unexpected bursts of power by relying upon the ministrations of a shepherd. Shepherds serve as direct intermediaries to conjoin spawn and warlock in an almost ecstatic hyperawareness over great distances. The Shepherd comes in a blister (PIP 73028). A player may field two Shepherds for each warlock in his army. You can read more about the Shepherd in the HORDES: Evolution expansion for the award winning game of Monstrous Miniatures Combat. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 73028 - Price: $ 9.99 - $ 7.98 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Everblight/incubi.jpg Legion of Everblight - Incubi Box Set
Contains 5 miniatures. The incubus infects its host as a sentient disease and awaits the energies released by death to transform slain Nyss into hideous draconic abominations and continue fighting. Their attacks rend flesh and spirits alike. No one can detect which blighted Nyss hosts a lurking incubus until an inhuman cry of pain heralds the creature tearing through the flesh of its host to attack. This box contains all the models necessary to field a group of five Incubi solos (PIP 73031). A player may include up to two groups of Incubi solos for every warlock in his Legion of Everblight horde. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 73031 - Price: $ 29.99 - $ 23.98 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Everblight/sorceress_hellion.jpg Legion of Everblight - Nyss Sorceress & Hellion
Contains 1 miniature. Sweeping out of the frozen skies, Hellions fall upon their land-bound enemies and deliver their masters to the heart of battle. The half-mad sorceresses who ride them must be agile enough to stand precariously atop their steeds without saddles or harnesses. With a shouted word and a pointing finger, a sorceress summons a knot of howling wind to rip a distant victim limb from limb. Nyss Sorceress & Hellion comes in a blister. A player may field two Nyss Sorceress & Hellions for each warlock in his Legion of Everblight horde. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 73037 - Price: $ 22.99 - $ 18.38 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Everblight/warmonger_warchief.jpg Legion of Everblight - Warmonger War Chief
Contains 1 miniature. While all warmongers can goad themselves into a killing frenzy, some few are strong and willful enough to become war chiefs, rising by strength to lead the converted tribes. Blight transforms each of these horrors into a murderous fiend overcome by hunger. The very scent of blood lends the War Chief strength and he will sometimes pause amid his bloodletting to gorge on fresh kills. Warmonger War Chief comes in a blister (PIP 73038). A player may field up to two War Chiefs in his Legion of Everblight horde. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
Price: $ 16.99 - $ 13.58 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Everblight/strider_Deathstalker.jpg Legion of Everblight - Strider Deathstalker
Contains 1 miniature. Some few striders rise above the ranks of their peers as precision instruments of death. Deathstalkers range ahead at the vanguard of Everblight's armies and regularly embark on extended scouting missions where Legion warlocks entrust them to their own supervision and the leadership of subordinate striders. A player may field two Strider Deathstalkers for each warlock in his Legion of Everblight army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 73039 - Price: $ 12.99 - $ 10.38 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Everblight/spell_martyr.jpg Legion of Everblight - Spell Martyrs
Contains 3 miniatures. The forces of Everblight do not thrive due to numerical superiority or fortified holdings but rather due to their adaptability. Everblight’s spell martyrs are a gruesome example of this ruthless cunning. These blighted Nyss are imbued with the dragon’s blighted energy, allowing warlocks to tap into their essence to unleash powerful spells. This overwhelming flow of arcane energy consumes the spell martyr just as it consumes the bodies of Everblight’s enemies. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 73053 - Price: $ 12.99 - $ 10.38 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Everblight/annyssa_ryvaal.jpg Legion of Everblight - Annyssa Ryvaal
Contains 1 miniature. Called the Talon of Everblight, Annyssa Ryvaal leads blighted Nyss raptors into battle atop a great armored ulk, adding her own poisoned arrows to the hellish rain of missiles unleashed by her fellow warriors. A hunter without peer, she brings down her chosen prey with the ruthless efficiency of a well-studied killer. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 73054 - Price: $ 24.99 - $ 19.98 On Sale! Order
Succubus.jpg Legion of Everblight - Succubus
Products of generations of Everblight’s manipulations, succubi are fonts of blighted arcane power. To create each one, a specially selected Nyss is brought to the spawning pools and ritually bathed in the blood of a warlock. It emerges as something no longer wholly Nyss, attuned to the warlock whose blood actualized its second birth. This ritual empowers each succubus as an amplifier of its warlock’s own gifts. With their every thought and action these creatures carry out the will of their masters and the dragon itself.
#PIP 73060 - Price: $ 16.99 - $ 13.59 On Sale!
BeastMistress.jpg Legion of Everblight - Beast Mistress (White Metal)
These rare Nyss sorceresses are blessed with a direct channel to the font of the dragon Everblight’s power and are able to commune with dragonspawn on a level almost on par with that of the dragon’s warlocks. In battle they command the spawn with an innate understanding of each beast’s capabilities and methods of slaughter; their blighted bond allows them to anticipate attacks and take advantage of injured or distracted enemies.
#PIP 73074 - Price: $ 12.99 - $ 10.39 On Sale!
GrotesqueAssassin.jpg Legion of Everblight - Grotesque Assassin (White Metal)
The grotesque assassin represents the next step in evolution among the grotesques that serve Everblight. Reshaped by blighted energy, assassins boast longer bodies, a barbed tail, and more refined wings. These trained killers retain a mental capacity well beyond that of other grotesques, making them skilled hunters capable of leadership and advanced tactics.
#PIP 73091 - Price: $ 19.99 - $ 15.99 On Sale!
blighted_nyss_warlord.jpg Legion of Everblight - Blighted Nyss Warlord (White Metal)
The warlords of Everblight’s Legion enter combat armed with the double-bladed claymore—a weapon requiring remarkable dexterity and coordination to wield. With it, a blighted Nyss warlord scythes through enemy ranks, severing heads and limbs alike with blinding strikes.
#PIP 73103 - Price: $ 14.99 - $ 11.99 On Sale!
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