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Series 1: Rise

monsterpocalypse/rise_unit_booster.jpg Monsterpocalypse - Rise Unit Booster
Grow your collection with this Monsterpocalypse Unit Booster! Contains 5 randomly inserted, fully-assembled,pre-painted plastic figures including 1 building and 4 units. Game rules and other accessories not included. You must have the components of 1 starter set to play a game with the contents of this box.
#PIP 50003 - Price: $ 12.99 - $ 10.39 On Sale! Order
monsterpocalypse/rise_strategy_guide.png Monsterpocalypse - Rise Strategy Guide
Learn the secrets to becoming the most fearsome force ever to rampage through an urban landscape. Unlock your monster's full potential to level buildings, crush obstacles, and body slam your opponent right through a building! The Monsterpocalypse: Rise Strategy Guide contains all the inside knowledge you'll need to dominate your opponents, straight from designers behind the game. Inside you'll find 64 full-color pages that include: Tactics and strategy for every faction Tips on getting the most out of units and their special abilities Spoilers and commentary on every figure, faction, map, and format A bonus EXCLUSIVE double-sided battle map: Riverside Rampage and Kill-Again's Island Product Information Series: Rise
#PIP 50007 - Price: $ 14.99 - $ 11.99 On Sale! Order
monsterpocalypse/starter_rise.jpg Monsterpocalypse - Rise Starter Set
The Monsterpocalypse is upon us! Rampage your monster and a horde of minions through an urban landscape, crush everything in your path, and do battle with rival monsters for control of your turf. Monsterpocalypse is an action-packed strategy game of collectible miniatures for two players ages 10 and up and features high-quality pre-painted plastic monsters, vehicles, and interactive city structures that impact and shape gameplay. This Monsterpocalypse Starter Set contains everything one player needs to start playing: 8 fully-assembled, pre-painted plastic figures including 1 monster and 1 corresponding monster Hyper form, 2 buildings, and 4 units. 24 specialty dice rulebook play map Game Walk-through Reference Card Monster Health Tracker Grow your Army of Monsters! Expand your force with the Monsterpocalypse Unit Booster and Monster Booster!
#PIP 50001 - Price: $ 24.99 - $ 19.99 On Sale! Order
monsterpocalypse/monster_booster.jpg Monsterpocalypse - Rise Monster Booster
Each Booster Contains 1 randomly inserted, fully-assembled, pre-painted plastic monster and its corresponding monster Hyper form. Game rules and other accessories not included. You must have the components of 1 starter set to play a game with the contents of this box.
#PIP 50002 - Price: $ 12.99 - $ 10.39 On Sale! Order
rise_map_pack.png Monsterpocalypse - Rise Map Pack
This Series 1: Rise Map Pack contains the following: "Boardwalk Brawl" "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" "Crossroads Crunch" "Downtown Beatdown" "Mean Streets" "Road to Ruin" 1 fully-assembled, pre-painted plastic building figure, exclusive to this Map Pack: "Government Building"
#PIP 50004 - Price: $ 14.99 - $ 11.99 On Sale! Order
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