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archdomina-makeda.png Skorne - Archdomina Makeda
Contains 1 miniature. Makeda is the Conqueror’s Sword. Archdomina of the Western Reaches, she leads the skorne army—the success or failure of the invasion rests on her ruthless shoulders. With iron resolve she can push her soldiers beyond the limits of death and the spirits of her most revered ancestors loan her strength. She leads an army larger than has ever been gathered together by the skorne, unleashed in a multi-pronged attack on human lands.
#PIP 74002 - Price: $ 11.99 - $ 9.59 On Sale!
lord-tyrant-hexeris.png Skorne - Lord Tyrant Hexeris
Contains 1 miniature. A master mortitheurge, Hexeris is unrivaled in the manipulations of life and death. He has lost the ability to empathize with the living and now sees them as machines with precisely analyzed thresholds for potential, injury, and pain. Those who speak to him leave feeling tainted, for his eyes pierce through to the immortal essence. Hexeris is skilled in battle and is strong enough to have been a cataphract if his mind had not destined him for a darker path.
#PIP 74003 - Price: $ 11.99 - $ 9.59 On Sale!
tyrant-xerxis.png Skorne - Warlock Tyrant Xerxis
Includes 1 model. Arising from the cataphract tradition, Xerxis is a cruel taskmaster who forces his soldiers to drill day and night beyond exhaustion. By his orders they must master intricate formation drills and maneuvers until they can march like a single organism. Xerxis is an expert at determining the right timing for the perfect application of force that will shatter an enemy line.
#PIP 74020 - Price: $ 19.99 - $ 15.99 On Sale!
supreme-aptimus-zaal-and-kovaas.png Skorne - Warlock Supreme Aptimus Zaal & Kovaas
Includes 2 models. Supreme Aptimus Zaal, first among extollers, has communed with the widest possible range of ancients. He has gained mastery over the insane ancestral spirits called Kovass and is akin to high priest for the Skorne army in the west. Though it could mean his destruction, he treads dark paths for the glory of his race, the victory of his master, and the expansion of his own power.
#PIP 74021 - Price: $ 17.99 - $ 14.39 On Sale!
lord-assassin-morghoul.png Skorne - Lord Assassin Morghoul
Includes 1 model. After long years of loyal but shadowy service to his master, Morghoul has stepped forward as a leader among the Skorne. The betrayal by his lord freed Morghoul's hands, and he has found the opportunity to further his private ambitions by taking the unprecedented step of seizing leadership of the entire paingiver caste in the Army of the Western Reaches.
#PIP 74034 - Price: $ 16.99 - $ 13.59 On Sale!
supreme-archdomina-makeda.png Skorne - Supreme Archdomina Makeda
Includes 1 model. Makeda has risen in the skorne people’s hour of need as a peerless leader whose vision of their mutual destiny has inspired her soldiers to ever greater efforts. Makeda has vowed to impose order and forge the seeds of a new nation. Solidarity will be the key to rising from the ashes and leading an empire which spans the continent. Any who defy her conviction will fall to the wayside or feel her boots trampling them underfoot.
#PIP 74035 - Price: $ 14.99 - $ 11.99 On Sale!
void-seer-mordikaar.png Skorne - Void Seer Mordikaar
Includes 1 model. The Void Seer is a walking contradiction whose very existence throws doubt on the most deeply held skorne beliefs. Mordikaar should not exist—his soul was torn from his dead body and hurled into the Void. By sheer determination and singular occult knowledge, he pulled himself back from the cold chasm to live once again. Now Mordikaar is tainted by the powers of death and annihilation. His very existence is a seeping wound in reality that touches everything around him.
#PIP 74036 - Price: $ 12.99 - $ 10.39 On Sale!
Rasheth.png Skorne - Dominar Raseth
Includes 1 model. In an empire known for discipline and precision, it is a rare man who can excel in spite of his unsavory appetites and predilections. Rasheth leads a house well known for its ability to train mighty titan warbeasts, and profits from the recent push for western expansion has allowed him to delve ever deeper into decadence. Too slothful to walk on his own, the Dominar is carried into battle by a team of Agonizers.
#PIP 74045 - Price: $ 37.99 - $ 30.39 On Sale!
MasterAsceticNaaresh.jpg Skorne - Master Ascetic Naaresh
Includes 1 model. A warrior-philosopher who seeks enlightenment through his own extreme suffering, Master Ascetic Naaresh has unlocked the powers of pain and forged them into a unique and devastating fighting style. Eager to challenge the limits of his philosophy against new foes, Naaresh has left his isolation to seek battle in the west. Before each engagement he submits to the ministrations of his paingivers so that he may draw strength and skill from the agony.
#PIP 74058 - Price: $ 13.99 - $ 11.19 On Sale!
EpicHexeris.jpg Skorne - Lord Arbiter Hexeris
Includes 1 model.Through cunning, raw power, political acumen, and tactical genius, Lord Arbiter Hexeris has furthered his own schemes while simultaneously strengthening the Skorne Empire. The lord arbiter’s occult knowledge goes well beyond the lore of the skorne, and no enemy arcanist is safe from his vampiric thirst for mystical secrets. To oppose him in battle is to be sapped of arcane power as he steals and transforms the energies of his foes.
#PIP 74059 - Price: $ 19.99 - $ 15.99 On Sale!
makeda_exalted-court.jpg Skorne - Makeda & the Exalted Court, Epic Warlock Unit (White Metal)
Makeda leads the Skorne Empire into a new era and in doing so embodies all the strength, pride, and martial prowess of her people. She is not merely supreme archdomina, but one of the greatest military minds and combatants ever forged in the harsh and unforgiving crucible that is eastern Immoren. To signify her rule over the Skorne Empire she now wields the Talon of Murzoul, an ancient relic of great significance and incredible power. At her side stand some of the skorne’s greatest heroes of the past, given new life in stone to serve as her inner guard. Their presence is a tangible sign of approval from some of the greatest warriors and leaders in her house’s history.
#PIP 74071 - Price: $ 29.99 - $ 23.99 On Sale!
xerxis.jpg Skorne - Xervis, Fury of Halaak Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warlock (Resin & White Metal)
Gifted with unparalleled skill, discipline, and ferocity as a warrior and a general, Xerxis, Fury of Halaak becomes truly awe-inspiring when he crashes through battle lines atop his cerops mount, Surus. As Xerxis punches through enemy lines, the entire might of his cohort surges to follow, inspired by their tyrant’s example. Before him and his matchlessly disciplined troops, fortifications topple and ranks of defenders scatter like sand in the wind.
#PIP 74082 - Price: $ 84.99 - $ 67.99 On Sale!
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