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Hordes/Trollblood/fell_cellar.jpg Trollblood - Fell Caller
Contains 1 miniature. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71019 - Price: $ 13.99 - $ 11.18 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/stone_scribe.jpg Trollblood - Stone Scribe Chronicler
Contains 1 miiniature. Stories have power, particularly the great epics, and the elder stone scribes who record such tales can relate them to warriors to restore their spirits. The influence of these tales is such that nearby trollkin draw an uncanny strength from them: mists cloak the warriors, their muscles surge with vigor, and their reflexes flash with unnatural speed. The Trollblood Stone Scribe Chronicler comes in a blister (PIP 71029). A player may field one Stone Scribe Chronicler for each warlock in his army. You can read more about the Trollblood Stone Scribe Chronicler in the HORDES: Evolution expansion for the award winning game of Monstrous Miniatures Combat.
#PIP 71029 - Price: $ 15.99 - $ 12.78 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/hothol.jpg Trollblood - Horthol, Long Rider Champion
Contains 1 miniature. Once a proud chieftain in his own right, Horthol has adapted to the needs of war with good humor and surprising resiliency, taking to the Long Rider saddle as if born to it. Now the bison riders look to him for direction and are ready to follow him unflinchingly wherever the war takes him. Astride his ground-shaking steed with his great hammer in hand he is an unstoppable force. This box contains all the parts necessary to assemble one mounted Horthol, Long Rider Champion and one dismounted Horthol. A player may include one Horthol, Long Rider Champion in his Trollblood horde. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71038 - Price: $ 39.99 - $ 31.98 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/trollkin_hero.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Hero
Contains 1 miniature. Trollkin heroes are great champions whose deeds have spread by word of mouth throughout the kriels. They find it impossible to turn from battle for it is only there that they can stand side by side with their brothers in arms and prove that one axe in a strong hand can make a difference even when opposed by a hundred swords. A player may field two Trollkin Heroes for each warlock in his Trollblood army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71039 - Price: $ 17.99 - $ 14.38 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/trollkin_whelps.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Whelps
Contains 5 miniatures. Whelps are one of the inevitable consequences of the tremendous regenerative powers of full-blood trolls: short-lived degenerate creatures arising from severed limbs or other substantial pieces of disconnected tissue. If caught with no other food source handy, trolls will eat their whelps with no more regard than any other chunk of meat, fueling the troll’s regenerative powers. Troll Whelps come in a blister. A player may field three groups of Troll Whelps for each warlock in his Trollblood horde. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71040 - Price: $ 13.99 - $ 11.18 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/runebearer.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Rune Bearer
Contains 1 miniature. Some of the most learned trollkin runescribes choose to accompany their leaders into battle. Carrying the sacred tablets of their kriel, runebearers are capable of amplifying the Dhunian gifts of trollkin warlocks. The glyphs glow as the runebearer speaks them aloud, easing their warlock’s use of their fury-driven prayers and sorcery. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71051 - Price: $ 18.99 - $ 15.18 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/jannissa_stonetide.jpg Trollblood - Janissa Stonetide
Contains 1 miniature. As implacable as the stone she commands, runeshaper Janissa Stonetide batters the enemies of the trollbloods by turning the very earth they tread upon against them. At her command, walls of stone spring up to block an enemy advance, the ground rumbles and shifts beneath a foe’s feet, and boulders crash down from the heavens to crush the life from those who stand against the United Kriels. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71053 - Price: $ 12.99 - $ 10.38 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/trollkin_skinner.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Skinner
Contains 1 miniature. The Trollkin race and their Troll warbeasts are known throughout the Iron Kingdoms for their voracious appetites. In such a culture, the hunters capable of bringing down big game are viewed with great respect. For the Skinners, wilderness Trollkin who dare to stand toe-to-toe with the biggest game of all, that respect borders on veneration. These cunning woodsmen hunt the mightiest of beasts with the same calm and determination as other Trollkin hunt boar or ulk. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71054 - Price: $ 11.98 - $ 9.58 On Sale! Order
trollkin_sorcerer.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Sorcerer (White Metal)
The sorcerers of the trollkin are not timid lore masters but determined and lethal combatants. Typically born with the white skin and red eyes of albinos, making them easily recognized as trollkin sorcerers at birth, they often command powers associated with elements prevalent in the region of their birth. Thus, many originating from the north command the cold winds of winter as a powerful weapon that can be used to attack or defend.
#PIP 71076 - Price: $ 24.99 - $ 19.99 On Sale!
fennblade_kithkar.jpg Trollblood - Fennblade Kithkar (White Metal)
Veterans of countless battles, Fennblade kithkar are warriors of renown. Each has led his brothers in arms time and again against any who would infringe upon trollkin lands or harass their people. More than heroes or champions, these vaunted leaders are brilliant battlefield commanders capable of coordinating the maneuvers of their fellow Fennblades with great precision.
#PIP 71077 - Price: $ 22.99 - $ 18.39 On Sale!
BraylenWanderheartTrollkinOutlaw.jpg Trollblood - Braylen Wanderheart, Trollkin Outlaw
Once an unparalleled bandit concerned only with the acquisition of personal wealth, Braylen Wanderheart is now a robber with a different agenda. It is for the common cause that she and her trollkin bandits now travel the forests of western Immoren, plundering military convoys and outposts amid the crackle of pistol fire. From these targets they secure much-needed weapons and supplies for the fighting forces of the United Kriels. Indeed, embattled kriels across the wilds owe their lives to the efforts of Wanderheart and her cohort.
#PIP 71087 - Price: $ 17.99 - $ 14.39 On Sale!
Northkin Shaman.jpg Trollblood - Northkin Shaman
A lifetime of exposure to the elements and endless study of ancient rites has granted these wizened shamans of the northkin power over the very elements that shape Immoren’s frozen north. Their incantations chill the hearts of men and beasts that would threaten the kriels, turning flesh black with frostbite more potent than even what the bitterest winter can offer.
#PIP 71103 - Price: $ 23.99 - $ 19.19 On Sale!
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