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Hordes/Trollblood/kriel_warrior_standard_bearer.jpg Trollblood - Kriel Warrior Standard Bearer & Piper Unit Attachment
Contains 2 miniatures. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71031 - Price: $ 18.99 - $ 15.18 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/stone_scribe_elder.jpg Trollblood - Stone Scribe Elder
Contains 1 miniature. Decades of experience with krielstones has brought a depth of lore to the eldest of stone scribes. Laden with scrolls and rubbings taken from the numerous krielstones these elders can evoke a variety of supportive enhancements. By tapping directly into the heroism of their people, the elder scribe draws forth blessings to impart incredible strength or resilience on the gathered warriors. A player may field one Stone Scribe Elder for each warlock in his Trollblood army.
#PIP 71041 - Price: $ 16.99 - $ 13.58 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/fennblade_unit.jpg Trollblood - Fennblade Unit Box
Contains 10 miniatures. Trollkin called Fennblades calmly wait shoulder to shoulder—wicked hooked greatswords raised at the ready—listening to the approach of thundering hooves. Some duck lances to sweep blades through the legs of mounts while others swing their blades straight into the chests of the riders. The result is always the same, as Fennblades stand victorious over the bodies of the slain. This box set contains plastic Fennblades models. A player may field two Fennblade units for each warlock in his Trollblood horde. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required
#PIP 71042 - Price: $ 49.99 - $ 39.98 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/scouts.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Scouts
Contains 6 miniatures. Trollkin Scouts stand out as rugged and resourceful in a race known for their ability to endure. These nomadic Trollkin are skilled hunters who live off the land in tight-knit communities, on the outer edges of trollkin society. They are peerless woodsmen capable of stealthily burying an axe in an enemy within the densest of forests or charging forth with a battle cry and a barrage of thrown hunting axes. When the kriels can entice their isolated cousins to join them, they gain superb hunters who excel at irregular warfare. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71048 - Price: $ 49.99 - $ 39.98 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/slugger_unit_box.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Slugger Unit Box
Contains 5 miniatures. Disciplined soldiers armed with massive, belt-fed cannons, trollkin sluggers walk the battlefield blazing through ranks of foes with a withering hail of bullets. Enemy infantry is cut down in droves, and even the mightiest warbeast eventually succumbs to the concentrated fire of the sluggers’ relentless cannons. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71049 - Price: $ 44.99 - $ 35.98 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/skaldi_bonehammer.jpg Trollblood - Skaldi Bonehammer
Contains 1 miniature. The mighty Trollkin warrior Skaldi Bonehammer is a champion among the champions of the bitter North, his thirst for glory and carnage an infectious tide that spreads like wildfire among the Trollkin he leads. His thirst for battle is legendary, and his relentless fighting style combines bone-cracking strength and a fearsome swiftness that leaves allies in awe and enemies broken and bleeding. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71050 - Price: $ 18.99 - $ 15.18 On Sale! Order
Hordes/Trollblood/fennblade_officer_drummer.jpg Trollblood - Fennblade Officer and Drummer
Contains 2 miniatures. With the addition of the Trollkin Fennblade Officer & Drummer, the Fennblades become fearless juggernauts who inspire terror in their opponents as they charge howling across the battlefield. The steady, relentless cadence of the Fennblade Drummer keeps the Fennblades moving as a single entity that can present an impenetrable wall of sharpened steel to approaching enemies or surge forward en masse to claim vengeance for a fallen brother. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 71052 - Price: $ 21.99 - $ 17.58 On Sale! Order
sons_bragg.jpg Trollblood - Sons of Bragg
Contains 3 models. The Sons of Bragg swagger across western Immoren like living legends, each mighty with both sword and voice. The Sons are heard long before their arrival, booming mighty chants that resound off trees and mountains. Wrathar leads the chorus of his brothers Tor and Rhudd. Their voices join in perfect harmony to belt out powerful chants that sustain them despite impossibly grievous wounds. On their own each brother is formidable, but together they are an army of three.
#PIP 71063 - Price: $ 39.99 - $ 31.99 On Sale!
scattergun_officer_standard.jpg Trollblood - Scattergunner Officer and Standard
Contains 2 models.
#PIP 71064 - Price: $ 23.99 - $ 19.19 On Sale!
Trollblood - Trollkin Long Riders (New Sculpt)
Contains 5 models. Long riders gallop into battle as inexorably as the tide, riding thick-framed and powerfully muscled bison that pound the earth beneath thundering hooves as they charge to shatter enemy lines. The impact of these great steeds can send even titans tumbling back into the mud, all while the riders lay down deadly blows with their long-handled axes.
#PIP 71080 - Price: $ 109.99 - $ 87.99 On Sale!
trollkin_champion_unit.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Champions Unit Box
The champions are hardened trollkin veterans, rising as the great heroes of their kriels. A tight bond links them to one another, an awareness that theirs is a greater destiny. They formalize these ties with the kulgat blood oath, learning to draw strength from their brothers and fight with seamless precision side by side. They distinguish themselves on the front line, hacking into enemies with a weapon in each hand, inflicting grievous wounds.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 71069 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 71011. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. The models in PIP 71069 are new sculpts and therefore look different from the models in PIP 71011. In addition, these models are plastic rather than metal. The replaced PIP will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning September 1, 2013.

#PIP 71069 - Price: $ 44.99 - $ 35.99 On Sale!
trollkin_warders_unit.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Warders Unit
Trollkin warders dedicate their lives to the defense of not just their chieftains and shamans, but also the kith and kin least able defend themselves. When warders take up defensive arms, they do so with zealous fervor. Shouting the words of their oath and the battle cries of their kriels, they challenge any who would dare harm those they are sworn to protect.
#PIP 71074 - Price: $ 44.99 - $ 35.99 On Sale!
kriel_warriors_caber_thrower.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Kriel Warriors & Caber Throwers
Kriel warriors are the heart of the armies of the trollkin. These bands of warrior brothers march to war in defense of their people wielding shields, hand weapons, and an indomitable spirit. They are often accompanied by mighty caber throwers, who put their prowess in the traditional sport of their people to lethal use against all enemies.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 71079 contains the same Mk II stat cards as PIP 71013 and PIP 71032. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 71079 replaces PIP 71013, PIP 71014, and PIP 71032 by offering their contents in a complete unit with weapon attachments. However, the models in PIP 71079 are new sculpts and therefore look different from the models in PIP 71013, PIP 71014, and PIP 71032. In addition, these models are plastic rather than metal.

#PIP 71079 - Price: $ 64.99 - $ 51.99 On Sale!
pyg_burrowers.jpg Trollblood - Pyg Burrowers Unit (White Metal)
Stalwart pygs have proved invaluable as scouts, spies, and ambushers. Their endurance and size make them consummate tunnel-diggers. Armed with incredibly powerful slug guns, these courageous pygs burrow across battlefields to catch the enemy unaware. Their massive, short-range hand-held cannons are designed to penetrate warjack armor but serve just as well against warbeasts and enemy soldiers.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 71081 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 71027. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 71081 replaces PIP 71027 and PIP 71028 by offering their contents in a complete unit.

#PIP 71081 - Price: $ 44.99 - $ 35.99 On Sale!
pyg_bushwackers.jpg Trollblood - Pyg Bushwhackers Unit (White Metal)
Smallest of all trollkin, pygs are known for their dexterity, their cunning, and their ability to lay complex ambushes and cooperate to bring down larger prey. Now they have guns. What they lack in personal discipline they more than make up for in enthusiasm and lethality. Moving ahead of trollkin forces, bushwhackers lie in wait to spring on the enemy, sometimes ending a battle before it begins.
#PIP 71082 - Price: $ 44.99 - $ 35.99 On Sale!
northkin_fireeaters_unit.jpg Trollblood - Northkin Fire Eaters Unit
Trollkin are known for their insatiable thirst for booze, but few imbibe like the nomadic fire eaters that travel the Rimeshaws. Favoring extremely potent moonshine, fire eaters spit this volatile concoction across torches to ignite the spray, resulting in spectacular fireballs. When called to battle they use their fire-breathing skills to belch gouts of flame in defense of their fellow trollkin.
#PIP 71088 - Price: $ 31.99 - $ 25.59 On Sale!
trollkin_runeshapers_unit.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Runeshapers Unit
Runeshapers are among the most formidable trollkin sorcerers, having learned to manipulate stone by the power of their will. At a runeshaper’s call, rune-carved rocks rise in the air around them. Heavy stones fly at foes with deadly force while the earth itself trembles around them, bringing would-be attackers to their knees.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 71089 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 71044. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 71089 is plastic rather than metal.

#PIP 71089 - Price: $ 31.99 - $ 25.59 On Sale!
KrielstoneBearerAndStoneScribes.jpg Trollblood - Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribe (Resin & White Metal)
Sacred monuments of the trollkin, krielstones are carried into battle as reservoirs of spiritual energy. Only the strongest trollkin can bear the immensely heavy stones, which radiate an aura that protects nearby warriors. The accompanying stone scribes bear witness to the brave deeds of their kin and help capture the stone’s sacred power in their scrolls.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 71091 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 71017. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 71091 replaces PIP 71017 and PIP 71018 by offering their contents in a complete unit.

#PIP 71091 - Price: $ 54.99 - $ 43.99 On Sale!
DhunianKnot.jpg Trollblood - Dhunian Knot Unit (Resin & White Metal)
The Dhunian knot is an old tradition of trollkin shamans banding together to combine their mystical power. In battle, they call upon Dhunia to heal wounds and manipulate the threads of fate. They can bring a dire troll back from the edge of a rampage or even magically compel others’ beasts to rise up against their masters. Even hopeless battles may prove favorable under the guidance of a knot.
#PIP 71092 - Price: $ 29.99 - $ 23.99 On Sale!
PygBushwhackerOfficerAndMortar.jpg Trollblood - Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar (White Metal)
Bushwhackers are now commonplace among the fighting forces of the United Kriels. Captain Gunnbjorn’s efforts have seen pyg combatants organized into increasingly effective teams equipped with firepower to match. Attacks these pyg officers orchestrate can often end skirmishes before they begin by striking from unseen positions. Other pygs have progressed from rifles to heavier weaponry. Pyg mortar crews exhibit remarkable accuracy, especially if aided by a spotter to help in range finding.
#PIP 71093 - Price: $ 19.99 - $ 15.99 On Sale!
TrollkinHighwaymen.jpg Trollblood - Trollkin Highwaymen Unit
As war has consumed the trollkin people, even outlaws and bandits among them have taken up arms in defense of kith and kriel. Peerless woodsmen and hunters, these highwaymen blend easily into forests and swamps. They strike from the shadows, unleashing withering pistol fire from a distance before closing to finish the job at point-blank range.
#PIP 71096 - Price: $ 59.99 - $ 47.99 On Sale!
Thumper Crew Trollblood.jpg Trollblood - Thumper / Pummeler Weapon Crew
Thumper and pummeler cannons are the most powerful mobile artillery possessed by the Trollbloods. Originally naval cannons donated to the kriels, thumpers fire devastating cannonballs that punch through walls of enemy fortifications and flatten their warbeasts. The trollkin-designed pummeler instead fires devastating chain shot used for breaking troop formations from a distance, ideal for thinning enemy lines and mowing down anything in its firing arc.
#PIP 71104 - Price: $ 34.99 - $ 27.99 On Sale!
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