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Warmachine/Protectorate/harbinger_menoth.jpg Protectorate Harbringer of Menoth
Just when you thought you've seen it all, we're giving you a little more. Feast your eyes on the newest Protectorate warcaster, the Harbinger of Menoth. Contains 1 miniature. The Harbinger of Menoth model is an ambitious sculpt with multiple parts made with the discriminating modeler and collector in mind. Set on a 50mm base, this warcaster is an imposing sight to your enemies as she leads your Protectorate of Menoth army to victory. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 32031 - Price: $ 37.99 - $ 30.39 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/high_allegiant_amon_ad_raza.jpg Protectorate High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. Emerging from behind temple walls to answer Menoth’s call to war, High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza, takes his place at the forefront of the crusade. His amazing guidance of troops and warjacks is only equaled by his feats of martial prowess and instruction he performs as a member of Menoth’s Order of the Fist. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 32032 - Price: $ 11.99 - $ 9.59 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/epic_testament_of_menoth.jpg Protectorate Epic Testament of Menoth, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. Epic warcasters are experienced versions of their previous selves. They maintain the flavor of the characters you love but provide entirely new tactical choices through powerful new spells, outrageous new abilities, and devastating new feats. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 32033 - Price: $ 19.99 - $ 15.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/grand_exemplar_kreoss.jpg Protectorate Grand Exemplar Kreoss, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. All Menites are brothers in battle to Grand Exemplar Kreoss, and he is determined to avenge the fallen and the lost. Taking on the burden of every death to stoke the warrior’s furnace within him, his rage and fury have become the spear and shield of Menoth’s vengeance. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 32034 - Price: $ 17.99 - $ 14.39 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/epic_severius.jpg Protectorate Epic Warcaster Severius
Contains 1 miniature. Severius' voice has always resonated with sacred power, and he demonstrates a strength and surety that belies his age. Those who attend him can see and hear the power of unchecked divinity conveyed through his words and deeds. He has vowed to make it his life's work to unite the Menites of western Immoren, to spread the True Faith to all of humanity, and to usher in a new age by hammering the cathedrals of Morrow to rubble and erecting new temples to the Lawgiver. Epic Warcaster Severius comes in a blister (PIP 32049). A player may field one Epic Warcaster Severius in his Protectorate of Menoth army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32049 - Price: $ 23.99 - $ 19.19 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/servath_reznik.jpg Protectorate High Executioner Servath Reznik, Warcaster
Blister contains 1 mibniature. The High Executioner Servath Reznik stalks the lands beyond the Protectorate of Menoth to carry out sentences of death on those guilty of sacrilege, sorcery, or religious treason against the Creator of Man. The borders of mortal nations mean nothing to Reznik, his warjacks, and his devoted followers. He embodies ancient ways of his faith when priest-kings reigned without question and all citizens knew that impiety resulted in suffering or death. High Executioner Servath Reznik comes in a blister (PIP 32051). High Executioner Servath Reznik is featured in WARMACHINE: Legends expansion for WARMACHINE. Get a preview of High Executioner Servath Reznik in No Quarter #16. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32051 - Price: $ 17.99 - $ 14.39 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/vice_scrutar_vindictus.jpg Protectorate Vice Scrutator Vindictus, Warcaster
Contains 1 miniature. No Menite alive is as concerned for the souls of the heathen as is Vice Scrutator Vindictus. Where others among the Protectorate see only a faceless sea of heretics, Vindictus sees potential devotees of the true faith. When others preach with words, Vindictus communicates with agony. The holy zealots who follow him fight with the strength of fanatics and martyrs, adding to their own numbers with each blow struck. Vindictus travels far from the Protectorate’s borders, raising armies loyal to the Lawgiver and turning them against any of their countrymen foolish enough to resist the will of Menoth. Vice Scrutator Vindictus comes in a blister. A player may field one Vice Scrutator Vindictus in a Protectorate of Menoth army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32063 - Price: $ 9.99 - $ 7.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/feora_2009.jpg Protectorate Feora, Priestess of the Flame, Warcaster (2009 Sculpt)
Contains 1 miniature. For years the Priestess of the Flame has been preparing her temple for war; she was instrumental in reshaping the Temple Flameguard into a true fighting force. A devoted, ambitious, and intense woman, Feora leads from the front, entering the fray with righteous satisfaction to lay the purification of flame upon the wicked. At such times, Menoth answers her prayers with his holy fire. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32065 - Price: $ 11.99 - $ 9.59 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/epic_Caster_Feorra.jpg Protectorate Epic Warcaster Feora
Contains 1 miniature. Once a woman of naked ambition, Feora has been humbled and exalted by travails in the besieged city of Sul. She has rallied her followers in the defense of sacred sites and leads them to feats of bravery and sacrifice as they fight to forestall Cygnar’s invasion. Filled with righteous power, she marks a line in the streets of Sul with a wall of all-consuming fire, and she has reconciled with old rivals to hold this city for Menoth. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32040 - Price: $ 17.99 - $ 14.39 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/high_reclaimer_2010.jpg Protectorate High Reclaimer, Warcaster (2010 Sculpt)
Contains 1 miniature. The divine power of Menoth flows without effort through the High Reclaimer as he sends forth clouds of burning ash and causes the unworthy to burst into flame. These unfaithful are consumed with brutal agony before their lives are snuffed out and their souls sent to Urcaen. One crushing blow from his great weapon Cremator smashes torsos, rends warjack armor, and ignites anything it does not immediately demolish. No one is safe from reclamation at his hands. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32069 - Price: $ 14.99 - $ 11.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/Thyra_Flame_of_Sorrow.png Protectorate Thyra, Flame of Sorrow
A fanatic assassin able to move between the bounds of life and death, Thyra, Flame of Sorrow is the peerless commander of the Daughters of the Flame. Her twin swords, Grief and Lament, weave a path of razor-edged destruction through the enemy ranks as she leads her sisters into battle. Thyra has become a living weapon of the Menite cause, her body and soul devoted to avenging the injustices carried out by those who oppose the Creator.
#PIP 32086 - Price: $ 14.99 - $ 12.19 On Sale! Order
Intercessor Kreoss Cavalry epic cavalry.jpg Protectorate Intercessor Kreoss (Cavalry Epic Warcaster)
Bestowed the ancient title of Intercessor reserved for the faith’s greatest champion, Mikael Kreoss has complete authority over the Protectorate’s armies and speaks with the voice of Hierarch Severius himself. Intercessor Kreoss leads his men from atop his great steed alongside a vanguard of his Exemplar venger brothers. Bearing his spear Conviction, Kreoss acts as Menoth’s rightful judgment made manifest upon the world.
#PIP 32089 - Price: $ 34.99 - $ 27.99 On Sale!
ServathReznikWrathofAges.jpg Protectorate - Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages Epic Warcaster (White Metal and Resin)
Perhaps no man so perfectly expresses the spirit of the Great Crusade as Servath Reznik, a living weapon of his faith. For Reznik the world is a crucible of flame, and humanity stands at the precipice of annihilation. He is a furious legacy of the ancient world, a pitiless instrument of Menoth’s divine justice and the reckoning of heresies from ages long past. Woe to those who would defy the True Law!
#PIP 32099 - Price: $ 74.99 - $ 59.99 On Sale!
HighExemplarKreoss_whitemetal.jpg Protectorate - High Exemplar Kreoss, Warcaster (White Metal)
High Exemplar Kreoss has become a living legend. His concentration is unmatched as he directs interdictions of thousands of zealous soldiers and warjacks to key points in a battle. So strong is his faith that a mere touch from his blessed weapon can revoke the unwholesome sorcery granted by lesser gods to their wayward followers.
#PIP 32080 - Price: $ 16.99 - $ 13.59 On Sale!
AnsonDurstRockoftheFaith.jpg Protectorate - Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith (Resin & White Metal)
Anson Durst is the rock on which the enemies of the Protectorate break, a bulwark to the faithful who weathers tides of violence to keep blameless Menites safe. He earned his epithet fighting alongside the theocracy’s defenders to repel wave after wave of invading soldiers. Countless times he used his powers and a steel wall of warjacks to prevent harm to his men. Fueled by faith and his devotion to the code of the Order of the Wall, Anson Durst is all but undefeatable when committed to the defense of his people.
#PIP 32103 - Price: $ 24.99 - $ 19.99 On Sale!
Grand-Scrutator-Severius.jpg Protectorate - Grand Scrutator Severius (Resin and White Metal Resculpt)
Severius lives to battle the enemies of his faith. He brings a commanding presence and undeniable genius to the battlefield, and his warjacks come alive with the same fervor as his converts. While age may have withered the warcaster and stolen his former strength, what he lacks in bodily prowess he makes up for with divine power. When he speaks the Litany of Menoth in battle, he can instantly silence the blasphemous sorceries of his enemies.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 32114 contains the same stat cards as PIP 32001.

#PIP 32114 - Price: $ 17.99 - $ 14.39 On Sale!
SovereignTristanDurant.jpg Protectorate - Sovereign Tristan Durant (White Metal)
Since becoming a full-fledged warcaster, Tristan Durant has been elevated to high station as a sovereign of the Protectorate. He serves the Creator by spreading the word of Menoth to all who would hear it. Though compassionate, Durant does not hesitate to unleash holy wrath in Menoth’s name upon his enemies, particularly when such foes threaten the safety of the growing flock under his protection.
#PIP 32118 - Price: $ 16.99 - $ 13.59 On Sale!
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