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Warmachine/Protectorate/repenter_light_warjack.jpg Protectorate Repenter Light Warjack
Contains 1 miniature. Flame throwers and flails make up the Repenter's fearsome arsenal of weapons. Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 32084 - Price: $ 14.99 - $ 11.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/redeemer.jpg Protectorate Redeemer Light Warjack
Contains1 miniature. A cluster of Skyhammer Rockets wait to be set free from the Redeemer’s arm mounted launcher pod—the last thing the enemy will never see coming! Warmachine Miniatures are sold in factory sealed packages. Assembly & painting required.
#PIP 32083 - Price: $ 17.99 - $ 14.39 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/fire_of_salvation.jpg Protectorate Fire of Salvation, Heavy Character Warjack
Contains 1 miniature. Those who have stood before this aureate Crusader say its eyes carry a weight of presence more akin to a zealot than a soulless construct. Those who have fought alongside this peerless machine describe its dedication and loyalty as if speaking of another soldier of the faith. Its fervent wrath strikes terror in unbelievers and kindles rapture in followers of the True Law as Fire of Salvation incinerates entire ranks of heathens. Fire of Salvation comes in a box (PIP 32052). A player may field one Fire of Salvation in his Protectorate of Menoth army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32052 - Price: $ 51.99 - $ 41.59 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/vigilant_Warjack.jpg Protectorate Vigilant Light Warjack
Contains 1 miniature. The Vigilant’s twin fist-mounted shields make it an incredibly durable light warjack. The tremendous area covered by its towering shields provides nearly unassailable shelter from even the most devastating of enemy artillery fire. Warcasters favor the Vigilant for its great utility, not only is it like a small, mobile battlement but since it carries no weapons its hands are free to hurl enemy combatants about like ragdolls. The ‘jack’s unsophisticated weaponry and cortex make it easy and inexpensive to manufacture, ensuring its place among the Menite crusaders for years to come. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32068 - Price: $ 18.99 - $ 15.19 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/blessing.jpg Protectorate Blessing of Vengeance, Light Character Warjack
Contains 1 miniature. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32053 - Price: $ 29.99 - $ 23.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/scourge_of_heresy.jpg Protectorate Scourge of Heresy Warjack (Upgrade Kit)
Like its master, High Executioner Servath Reznik, Scourge of Heresy is well equipped to destroy the infidels who stand against the Protectorate of Menoth. With a fiery blade and a blazing flail, Scourge of Heresy brings searing pain and retribution to the enemies of the Protectorate, especially those who dare to unleash profane magic upon Menoth’s chosen. Note: Players will need a Protectorate Heavy Plastic Warjack kit (PIP 32061) in addition to the upgrade kit in order to build Scourge of Heresy. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32079 - Price: $ 9.99 - $ 7.99 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/revenger_32084.jpg Protectorate Revenger Light Warjack
The primary function of the Revenger is to channel a warcaster’s divine power, which protects the faithful and consumes heretics in the cleansing fires of Menoth’s wrath. These warjacks are critical to the Lawgiver’s crusades, and their armament is designed to keep the Revenger in the fight long after other warjacks would fall. The sturdy repulsor shield is inlaid with powerful runes that rebuke enemies and hurl them away from the Revenger, where they can be cut down with the warjack’s heavy polearm. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
#PIP 32081 - Price: $ 18.99 - $ 15.18 On Sale! Order
Warmachine/Protectorate/blood_of_martyr_warjack_upgrade.jpg Protectorate Blood of Martyrs Heavy Warjack (Upgrade Kit)
Fueled by vengeance, Blood of Martyrs demonstrates an insatiable desire to unleash its twin blades upon infidels who spill Menite Blood. Only its mistress, Thyra, Flame of Sorrow, matches Blood of Martyrs’ thirst for retribution, and the two are a scything whirlwind of righteous destruction on the battlefield. The Blood of Martyrs Character Heavy Warjack Upgrade Kit is NOT a complete model. Players will need a Protectorate of Menoth Heavy Plastic Warjack Kit (PIP 32061) in addition to this kit.
#PIP 32085 - Price: $ 13.99 - $ 11.19 On Sale! Order
castigator_plastic.jpg Protectorate Castigator/Reckoner/Sanctifier Heavy Warjack (Plastic Kit)
The Reckoner was heralded as the first warjack entirely of Menite design. It lights the way for the faithful with its cannon as it charges across the battlefield and then smashes anything still standing with its club. Based on the same design, the Castigator brings Menoth’s Fury to its enemies with its flaming fists and the ability to ignite the surrounding air with flesh-cremating heat. The Sanctifier is employed in battle to ensure the spirits of the righteous are ushered to Urcaen; as battle wears on, it becomes a vessel for Menite souls, fueling its power even as it protects the righteous. SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 32070 contains the same Mk II stat cards as PIP 32025 and PIP 32038. The model in this box represents the same figures as those PIPs in the game. However, the model in PIP 32070 is a new sculpt and therefore looks different from the models found in those PIPs. In addition, this model is plastic rather than metal.
#PIP 32070 - Price: $ 34.99 - $ 27.99 On Sale!
crusader_warjack.jpg Protectorate - Crusader / Templar / Vanquisher Heavy Warjack Kit
One of the first warjacks developed by the Protectorate after the Cygnaran Civil War was the Crusader, a massive warjack boasting heavy armor and capable of crushing attacks. It has served as the foundation for several masterpieces of war. The Templar, for one, smashes enemies with overwhelming force from an unassailable position behind its thick shield. Of more recent production, the Vanquisher wields a great “blazing star” spiked ball in one hand and a flame belcher in the other. This weapon sends an oil-filled cannonball that bursts and ignites on impact.

This box set contains three color stat cards and one multi-part heavy warjack plastic model. Included are all the components to assemble one of three heavy warjack variants: Crusader, Templar, or Vanquisher.

#PIP 32061 - Price: $ 34.99 - $ 27.99 On Sale!
HandofJudgment.jpg Protectorate - Hand of Judgement Character Heavy Warjack (Resin & White Metal)
Hand of Judgment exists for a single purpose: to execute the will of Feora, Priestess and Protector of the Flame. Armed with an immolator cannon and a massive mace, this mighty warjack brings Menoth’s cleansing fire against those arrayed against the Protectorate. Zealous in smiting its enemies, it has demonstrated a dangerous temper only Feora can keep in check. Wherever she treads, Hand of Judgment follows, eager to slip its leash to destroy those who displease its master.
#PIP 32107 - Price: $ 59.99 - $ 47.99 On Sale!
Dervish.jpg Protectorate - Dervish / Devout / Purifier Light Warjack
Faith alone is insufficient to protect the faithful. Thus, the Devout was built to guard the Protectorate’s leaders from heretics and engraved with holy inscriptions to protect its controller from accursed magic. The Dervish, on the other hand, is a divinely inspired weapon that uses its chassis’ unparalleled reflexes wholly for offense. The Purifier, crafted as a literal interpretation of wrathful scripture, has a singular drive to eradicate unbelief through the cleansing fires of the Creator.

SPECIAL NOTE: The model in this box represents the same figure as PIP 32043 in the game; however, the model in PIP 32110 is a new sculpt and therefore looks different from the model found in PIP 32043. In addition, this model is plastic rather than metal.

#PIP 32110 - Price: $ 24.99 - $ 19.99 On Sale!
Guardian_Heavy_Warjack.jpg Protectorate - Guardian / Indictor Heavy Warjack
Covered in holy script and able to channel the divine power of Menoth’s clergy through its arc node, the Guardian is a walking icon of the Creator’s might. It is one of the most versatile weapons in the Protectorate’s arsenal, and its presence inspires the faithful to righteous fury. Sanctified and blessed to serve as the bane of profane spellcasters, the imposing Indictor is a bastion of spiritual power against which the foes of the Protectorate must tremble in fear.
#PIP 32091 - Price: $ 34.99 - $ 27.99 On Sale!
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