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Ogre Kingdoms-Rare

Image not available. Ogre Kingdoms - Ironblaster / Scraplauncher
The Gnoblar Scraplauncher is a large and unconventional war machine that vaguely resembles a catapult strapped to a sled and pulled by a bad-tempered Rhinox. Gnoblars are not the strongest of creatures and, as a result, they will load the launcher with things they are capable of lifting rather than the traditional rock or boulder. Swords, spears, rocks, unused limbs and all manner of sharp stuff will be loaded into the catapult and launched at the enemy with deadly effect. Of course, should the Gnoblars get a little too carried away and break the catapult, the Rhinox is more than capable (and willing) to get into close combat and start trampling on stuff instead. The Ironblaster is perhaps the largest black powder weapon in the Warhammer world and, as such, it has acquired quite a reputation on the battlefield. These immense cannons were once used by the Sky-titans in their great wars and now, many years later, the Ogres have claimed them as their own. Strapped to a huge gun carriage and pulled by an aggressive Rhinox, the Cannon of the Sky-titans is wheeled into battle and loaded with a copious number of cannon balls. With one blinding, deafening roar the fiery fusillade will tear apart an entire regiment in a maelstrom of noise and violence - there will be very little left to identify what once stood there. This multi-part plastic kit contains 109 components with which to build one Ogre Kingdoms Ironblaster or one Ogre Kingdoms Scraplauncher. To personalise your artillery pieces, there are plenty of barrels, trophies and cheeky Gnoblars to scatter all over it, representing the ramshackle nature of this deadly war machine. The model is supplied with a 50x100mm monster base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.
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