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Wood Elves-Lords and Heroes

treeman_ancient.jpg Wood Elves - Treeman Ancient
The Treeman Ancients are the oldest of all the Treemen of Athel Loren, and it is their magic that nurtures and shapes the forest’s growth. Slow to anger, they only answer the call to war when times are dire, when their leadership can rouse the forest of Athel Loren to its full fighting fury. Standing over 6 inches tall, the Treeman Ancient miniature is equipped with a magical staff and a mighty claw. Covered with knotted bark and gnarled branches the Treeman Ancient is almost impervious to harm. Customise your Treeman by adding ethereal spite-creatures to the base, branches or roots. There are eight fantastical little spites in this kit to choose from. This multi-part plastic kit makes one of three miniatures: the Treeman, the Treeman Ancient or the special character Durthu. Each variant has a unique pose, a different head and its own weaponry options.
#GAW 92-07 - Price: $ 61.00 - $ 48.80 On Sale!
araloth.jpg Wood Elves - Araloth
Araloth, the lord of Talsyn was once a feckless coward who allowed others to go to battle in his place. Transformed by an unforeseen encounter he is now a fearless hero of Athel Loren and his triumphs in battle are the inspiration for many songs. Armed with a spear, shield and his flying companion Skaryn “the eye thief”, Araloth defends the forest when the spirits slumber. Araloth comes as a single frame plastic Citadel miniature
#GAW 92-10 - Price: $ 22.00 - $ 17.60 On Sale!
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