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Welcome to Ciphergames.com

Proudly serving the gaming community since 1996, featuring the most popular Role Playing Games including Dungeons & Dragons, GURPS, White Wolf, and other books using the d20 system. We carry a wide selection of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K miniatures as well as Hero Clicks, Mage Knight, Mechwarrior, and others.

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Featured Products:

WraithWitchDeneghra_resculpt.jpg Cryx - Wraith Witch Deneghra, Epic Warcaster (Metal Resculpt)
Contains 1 miniature. Undeath has amplified Deneghra’s twisted manners of treachery and deceit, her cruelty, and her lust. She can only feel a tempestuous rage and act against those in her path, wantonly seeking victims to crush and kill at the behest of her master. However, it does nothing to ease her worries or fill the void left by her vacant soul.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 34098 contains the same stat cards as PIP 34037.

#PIP 34098 - Price: $ 17.99 - $ 14.39 On Sale!
prime_Axiom.jpg Convergence - Prime Axiom / Prime Conflux and Ionization Servitors (Hard Plastic)
Contains 1 miniature. The colossals of the Convergence of Cyriss inspire awe and fear among the armies of the Iron Kingdoms. To confront these machines is to behold the inevitability of the Great Work and the terrifying power made possible by the guiding hand of Cyriss. The weapons of the Prime Axiom are designed to rip through screening troops, dismantle warjacks, and send servitors deep into the heart of battle. The Prime Conflux is a true wonder of design, able to convert latent atmospheric energies into electricity before unleashing them in a torrent of destruction.

SPECIAL NOTE: The model in this box represents the same figure as PIP 36018 in the game; however, the model in PIP 36030 is a new sculpt and therefore looks different from the model found in PIP 36018. In addition, this model is hard plastic rather than resin and metal.

#PIP 36030 - Price: $ 109.99 - $ 87.99 On Sale!
strike_force_ultima.jpg Space Marines - Strike Force Ultima
Capable of delivering a fatal blow to virtually any threat the enemy can field, Strike Force Ultima is a shining example of Space Marines' speed and power. Sternguard Veterans and Tactical Marines slam into battle via their Drop Pod and Razorback, combine their firepower to deliver a blistering cascade of bolter rounds, while the Land Raider carries a Terminator Captain and his honour guard to war. Should the foe attempt aerial supremacy, an imperious command from the Captain sends his Stormhawk Interceptor swooping in to clear the skies and make sure whichever alien sun they orbit shines brightly upon the Emperor’s finest.

This box set contains 25 Space Marines miniatures:

- 1 Drop Pod

- 1 Land Raider

- 1 Razorback

- 1 Stormhawk Interceptor

- 1 Terminator Captain

- a set of 5 Sternguard Veterans

- a set of 5 Terminators

- a 10-man Tactical Squad

The box includes an exclusive formation along with 2 Ultramarines transfer sheets, 3 Ultramarines vehicle transfer sheets, a Citadel 25mm Round base, 6 Citadel 40mm Round bases and 15 Citadel 32mm Round bases.

#GAW 48-90 - Price: $ 250.00 - $ 200.00 On Sale!
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