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Wyrd Miniatures - Arcanists

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Angelica.jpg Arcanists - Angelica
Angelica is the Mistress of Ceremonies at the Star Theater. She expertly arranges the acts, transitioning from one to next with a skill that makes it look deceptively easy. She only spends time onstage to introduce other performers, but even so she draws applause and laughter as easily as any of the main acts. Of course, her organizational and inspirational skills can be put to use by the Arcanists as well. Angelica is best used to rearrange models on the table, both friendly and enemy. If a model attacks her and misses, she can place it next to any of its Scheme Markers with her “Get Off the Stage” Trigger. This can be hugely disruptive for the enemy crew. She can also move the enemy with her Hooked Cane attack or Paralyze them at range unless they discard cards. Finally, she can reposition other friendly models with her “Give Them an Encore” action. Positioning can win games, and positioning is what Angelica does.

Arcanist Box Set, containing one 32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Angelica".

#WYR 20329 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
Hoarcats.jpeg Arcanists - Hoarcat Pride
Hoarcats are native to the mountainous regions of Malifaux. They hunt in prides, using their numbers to stalk and kill their prey. A single Hoarcat is not much of a threat, but together the pride can take down larger targets. These creatures are among the easiest for a magic user to control, allowing many different Arcanists access to their cunning and stealth.

Hoarcats have great defenses against shooting attacks, and, as long as they have most of their wounds remaining, they deal a good amount of damage in melee relative to their cost. This means that they can quickly get into melee range without taking damage and then cause plenty of mayhem once they are there. They can also “Devour” Paralyzed models, giving them some synergy with Rasputina. Hoarcats can be a powerful answer to a primarily ranged opponent, tearing into their ranks with their fearsome claws.

Arcanist Box Set, containing one 32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Hoarcat Pride".

#WYR 20313 - Price: $ 16.00 - $ 12.80 On Sale!
Essence.jpeg Arcanists - Essence of Power
Sometimes the very aether of Malifaux manifests itself in a physical form somewhat resembling a human body. These manifestations are known as Essences of Power, and they are useful in the casting and channeling of spells. Arcanists have even learned how to capture them and put their magical abilities to good use.

The Essence of Power is the general Arcanist totem, so it may be included in any Arcanist crew that does not include another totem. Its “Empower” ability makes spending Soulstones more effective, and its “Amplify” action can boost the casting of nearby models. Together, this makes a model that is perfect for any Arcanist who wants to cast powerful spells on the enemy.

Arcanist, containing one 32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high quality Plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Essence of Power".

#WYR 20310 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
DecemberAcolytes.jpeg Arcanists - December Acolytes
December Acolytes are devout followers of December. Many of them joined his cult before even Rasputina set foot in Malifaux. Adept at planning ambushes, they strike from the shadows, dragging their victims off with harpoon guns to be consumed in grizzly celebrations in December’s honor.

December Acolytes are Frozen Heart models that can be deployed farther up field than most other models, making them excellent nodes for Rasputina to cast through and making them great disruption pieces. Their amazing Harpoon Gun’s attack gives them a place in any crew as it deals damage, Slows the target, makes the enemy discard cards, and drags models into its melee range. A December Acolyte is always a solid choice for disrupting opponents’ plans.

Arcanist Box Set, containing three 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains three miniatures and three stat cards for "December Acolyte".

#WYR 20311 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
Coryphee.jpeg Arcanists - Coryphee

Coryphee are graceful clockwork dancers that perform onstage at the Star Theater. They often accompany a human dancer, and many in the audience swear the Coryphee even show some glimmer of personality. Colette keeps their design a closely guarded secret and often equips them with blades to protect her girls while they are out on smuggling runs.

Coryphee have very low Wounds for their cost but make up for it with high Df, great Armor, and bonuses to any defensive duels they make. They are also immune to Charges and disengaging strikes. This creates a fragile, subtle model that needs to be managed carefully, but, if used well, Coryphee can dance in and out of combat, surviving most any attack. They have amazing mobility and can often get anywhere. Finally, if two Coryphee are together, they can “Dance Together,” forming the fearsome Coryphee Duet.

Coryphee Duet

The dance of a single Coryphee is a sight to behold, but when they dance together there is nothing like it. They move perfectly to music only they can hear, anticipating every move of their partner. In combat, they apply these same skills, switching from attack to defense with fluid ease and turning violence into a deadly work of art.

The Coryphee Duet resembles a singular Coryphee in many ways, but it gains an extra AP every activation, it has higher Wounds, it can heal itself, and it gains bonuses to damage flips. It is often advantageous to wait until the opponent thinks they are in a position to kill a single Coryphee. Then, they can meld together, unleash the Duet, and wade back into combat.

Arcanist Box Set, containing two 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains two models and two stat cards for "Coryphee", or it can be assembled as one "Coryphee Duet".

#WYR 20326 - Price: $ 18.00 - $ 14.40 On Sale!
Troubleshooters.jpeg Arcanists - Troubleshooters: Ironsides Crew Box Set

The daughter of escaped slaves, Toni Ironsides has risen far from her origins. After the Guild's execution of her mother, Toni saw the organization clearly for the first time. The Guild's decision to uphold the horrific local laws of its member countries in the name of stability led to her commitment to the Guild's destruction. For a time, Toni turned to underground fighting as a way to vent her anger. Eventually, she became part of Earthside resistance groups, which drew the attention of Viktor Ramos and resulted in her recruitment into the Arcanists. Because of Toni's love of learning, she found herself drawn to the company of the Oxfordian Mages on her arrival Breachside.

In Malifaux, Ironsides has two distinct roles for the Movement. She is a leader in the M&SU, acting as an enforcer on behalf of the Union as Ramos directs. When the Union is threatened, it is Ironsides who stirs the blood of the common man, calling them together against their enemies. The second purpose comes from her relationship with the Mages. As Ramos saw that partnership grow, he began to use Ironsides as a way to keep the Arcanists in check. When a Steamfitter goes rogue, Ironsides and the Mages track them down to eliminate them. She is not above deception, sometimes using Guild resources in clever traps to accomplish her task and harm her foes simultaneously.

For Toni, both tasks are acceptable. While Viktor Ramos is the Voice of the Arcanists, Toni Ironsides is its Fist. So long as the Guild is brought down, she will do whatever is necessary. What Ramos builds afterward matters little to her.

The Captain

The Captain is an enigma; no one knows his true name or even where he got the rank of Captain. Some say he once piloted an airship; others say he was in charge of a ship during the Powder Wars; still others claim he was a member of the elite Breach Expeditionary forces. What is known is that he is loud and boisterous, loves telling a good story, and is an expert with his hammer.

The Captain is excellent at repositioning other models. His “Airburst” action can be used to get friendly models further up-field or to put enemy models in unfortunate locations. If enemy models get too close, he can Push them all away with “Eye of the Storm” or simply leave combat as his “Agile” ability makes him immune to disengaging strikes. On top of all this, he has good defense and an amazing melee attack in the form of a Relic Hammer. The Captain is a great model for any crew


Mouse is a spymaster for the Arcanist movement. Small of stature, he utilizes his size to slip silently through the city. He was recently assigned to the company of Ironsides, and the two have since formed a fast friendship. He avoids direct confrontation, preferring to stay in the shadows taking notes and aiding his friends when the opportunity arises.

Mouse is Ironsides’ totem, and he may only be included in crews led by her. With high Df and Wounds and a good defensive ability in “Hard to Kill,” Mouse can be very difficult for opponents to remove from the table. His “Rope Lash” action allows him to drag enemies out of position, and he can then apply the Arrested Condition, which makes it more difficult for enemy units to move about the table. He can also heal friendly models near him, and Ironsides often needs some healing.

Oxfordian Mages

The Oxfordian method of spellcasting is a peculiar one. Its rituals and chants rarely do much on Earth, but in Malifaux its power is greatly amplified. This has led the Guild to restrict students of the Oxford method from entering Malifaux, but the Arcanists smuggle them in to help advance their own agendas.

Oxfordian Mages are fearsome spellcasters that work best in pairs or as a group. When near other Academics, they can use their Triggers more easily, which gives them a wide range of options to hamper the enemy, and their “Furious Casting” ability allows them to cast an extra spell every activation. They can also take upgrades, and each Mage can take a free “Ward” upgrade, giving them some specialization that can be used to boost Ironsides or a friendly Henchman.

Arcanist Box Set, containing six 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Ironsides"; contains one model and one stat card for "The Captain"; contains one model and one stat card for "Mouse"; contains three models and ten stat cards for "Oxfordian Mages" and also includes nine upgrade cards: Challenge the Crowd, Iron Determination, Frontline Leadership, 2 Warding Runes, Message From the Union, Nemesis Ward, Blood Ward, and Doom Ward

#WYR 20322 - Price: $ 45.00 - $ 36.00 On Sale!
Smoke_Mirrors.jpeg Arcanists - Smoke & Mirrors: Colette's Crew Box Set

Colette Du Bois is the owner of the Star Theater and a master illusionist. She started as a lowly pickpocket, relying on grace and charm to make her way through the underbelly of the world. In Malifaux, she has risen to heights she never could have dreamed. She owns one of the most famous establishments this side of the Breach, has become rich beyond imagining, and has a troupe of girls she takes care of that she loves. However, Colette is well aware that her new dreams hide within them a cruel nightmare.

Night after night, Colette performs in front of crowds that contain the poor and the rich, including senior members of the Guild. Every performance she dances a razor's edge, astounding the audience with true magic disguised as mere sleight of hand. All it would take is one suspicious officer and her world would come crashing down.

With her fortune tied to the Arcanists and smuggling for them, her girls are constantly under threat of detection, or worse. The hidden paths back to Earth have become more dangerous as the sewers become filled with new terrors. No matter the danger, the Arcanists demand more from the girls of the Star Theater.

Despite this, Colette is thriving and managing to keep ahead of her enemies. It's stressful to keep the world paying attention to the wrong hand, but the magician in her loves the trick. So long as she can continue dazzling everyone, she can keep the freedoms she's earned for herself and her girls. It's a dangerous game that she plays, but she'd have it no other way.


Cassandra was once Colette’s greatest rival, but now she is her closest friend. Her shows always draw huge crowds, and she is arguably the biggest celebrity in Malifaux, possibly even out-doing Colette herself. She is skilled with a sword and fearless, often leading the Showgirls on their smuggling runs for the Arcanists. More than anything, she is fiercely protective of her good friend, Colette.

On the table, Cassandra is a scalpel. She is highly mobile, with “Nimble” giving her an extra Walk action every turn, and she can dart in and out of combat, applying her Dancer’s Saber where it is needed. With her “Understudy” action, she can copy spells from friendly models, including Colette, which makes her highly versatile. Finally, her “Southern Hospitality” action can make her incredibly hard to hit for the rest of the turn, so if she is in danger she may need to activate early. Cassandra is an excellent addition to any crew.


Showgirls are the heart and soul of the Star Theater. Each one is a talented on her own, but together they are a true marvel. They are drawn to the theater in the hopes of fame and fortune, but, once they arrive there, they find a home as well. Colette treats her girls well, protecting them and giving them fair pay. As part of the deal she struck with Ramos, they are also trained as Arcanist agents, collecting information and going on the occasional smuggling run.

Performers are mercenary models and may be hired by any crew. They can Interact while engaged, making them an excellent choice if the objectives demand scoring VP while near the enemy, and they work well with the Poison condition. They can also use “Siren Call” to pull enemy models out of position and even Paralyze them with the proper Trigger.


Each Showgirl at the Star Theater is assigned her own personal Mannequin. Each construct is programmed to guard its charge and assist her wherever possible. They frequently act as dressers for the girls, helping them change with each act. On more dangerous missions, they are personalized bodyguards, putting themselves between their mistress and danger.

Mannequins are cheap, disposable models that Showgirls may treat as Scheme Markers when taking an action. They can be drawn to a friendly Showgirl with their “Mechanical Adorations” ability, allowing them to always keep up with the girls. They can also increase the range at which friendly models place Scheme Markers, which allows them to score certain objectives with ease.

Mechanical Doves

Near-perfect imitations of their living counterparts, Mechanical Doves play a key role in performances at the Star Theater, flying high into the air and circling the audience at the climax of the show. They have other uses as well, however; each dove contains a Soulstone to power it, providing Showgirls with easy access to the valuable stones if they find themselves in trouble.

Mechanical Doves are Colette’s totems, and they may only be included in crews led by her. Unlike most totems, up to three Mechanical Doves may be hired. The Doves are cheap, expendable models (often summoned with Colette’s “Cabaret Choreography” upgrade) that friendly Showgirls may use as Scheme Markers to fuel their actions. They can also be sacrificed to damage enemies near them or to give a boost to a friendly model. Their incredible speed allows them to be positioned wherever they are needed on the table.

Arcanist Box Set, containing nine 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and six Upgrade Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and stat card for "Colette"; one model and one stat card for "Cassandra"; two models and two stat cards for "Performers"; two models and two stat cards for "Mannequins"; three models and three stat cards for "Mechanical Doves" and also includes six upgrade cards: Cabaret Choreography, A Lady’s Secret, Nothing Up My Sleeve, Shell Game, Practiced Production, and Smoke And Mirrors.

#WYR 20318 - Price: $ 50.00 - $ 40.00 On Sale!
arachnid_swarm.jpeg Arcanists - Arachnid Swarms
These metal arachnids are the perfected version of the Brass Arachnid. They are small, making them perfect for scouting ahead or distracting an opponent. However, if the fighting gets heavy, many arachnids can swarm together, overwhelming their foes in a sea of metallic claws.

Steam Arachnids and Steam Arachnid Swarms are actually two different models. Steam Arachnids are smaller, using a 30mm base. They can use the “Swarm Together” action to sacrifice multiple Steam Arachnids and summon one large Steam Arachnid Swarm on a 40mm base. The smaller Arachnids are disruption pieces, latching on to their target to lower its defense and exploding to deal damage in a pulse. The Steam Arachnid Swarm is a melee model that can Trigger multiple attacks. It can also remove enemy Scheme Markers and repair itself. This dual mode of operation gives the Arachnids flexibility, allowing them to dart around the board disrupting the enemy until they swarm together to cause mayhem.

Arcanist Box Set, containing three 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one one model and one stat card for "Arachnid Swarm" which can also be assembled as three models of "Arachnids".

#WYR 20320 - Price: $ 18.00 - $ 14.40 On Sale!
beacon_of_knowledge.jpg Arcanists - Beacon of Knowledge
Sandeep’s box set contains six models, including Sandeep himself. Kudra, Sandeep’s loyal student, is his right-hand-woman, and she defends her teacher with arcane skill and physical prowess. Sandeep can summon his Totem, Banasuva, to present a large, flaming threat for his opponent. Finally, the Poison Gamin are versatile Minions which Sandeep is also capable of summoning.

Sandeep Desai

Sandeep Desai was born in Guild-occupied India. He was one of the many orphans of his city, and he was taken in and raised by a temple. He devoured books on the arcane and soon proved to be a powerful user of magic in his own right, but his peaceful life of learning came to a violent halt the day that the Guild arrested his master for undermining their authority. Sandeep took up his Master’s cursed Gada that day and unleashed the fury of Banasuva for the first time.

Sandeep was personally asked to come to Malifaux by Viktor Ramos in order to help train a new generation of Arcanists in the ways of magic. He holds his classes in secret, instilling in his students a respect for the arcane which he wishes he had on that fateful day back in India. He is an excellent teacher, and Ramos has been pleased with the progress of his students.

The locations of his classes frequently move, staying one step ahead of the Guild. In quiet moments of reflection and meditation, Sandeep often regrets the need for violence and wishes for a peaceful, quiet environment where his students could grow and prosper. He knows the tyranny and cruelty of the Guild all too well, and constant vigilance prevents him from dwelling on his own dark past.

Arcanist Box Set, containing six 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and Upgrade Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Sandeep Desai", one model and one stat card for "Kudra", one model and one stat card for "Banasuva", three models and three stat cards for "Poison Gamin", and upgrade cards.

#WYR 20343 - Price: $ 50.00 - $ 40.00 On Sale!
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