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Wyrd Miniatures - Guild


Make no mistake, the Guild exists for one reason and one reason only. There is talk of justice and peace, but these are secondary concerns, byproducts of their primary interest. The Guild exists to maintain the production of Malifaux Soulstone above all other things. The citizens abide by Guild law because it offers some amount of protection, but no one is confused about the way the Guild exerts its hold over Malifaux and its resources.

Featured Products:

Lady_justice_box_set.jpeg Guild - The Guild's Judgement: Lady Justice Box Set
Lady Justice's box set contains six models including Lady Justice herself. She is supported by a Henchmen called The Judge, a generalist able fulfill whatever function Lady Justice needs. Justice's totem, The Scales of Justice, provide a little bit of support and card draw, while the three Death Marshals bring potent guns and the iconic Pine Box to bury their foes.
#WYR 20101 - Price: $ 45.00 - $ 36.00 On Sale!
sonia_boxed_Set.jpeg Guild - The Torch and the Blade: Sonnia Criid Box Set
Sonnia Criid’s box set contains six models, including Sonnia Criid herself. She is supported by her second-in-command, Samael Hopkins, a deadly bounty hunter with the ability to put out lots of damage. Her totem, the Purifying Flame, is capable of preventing enemies from using Soulstones to protect themselves from Sonnia’s wrath, and her Witching Stalkers make for dependable minions that explode when killed.
#WYR 20102 - Price: $ 45.00 - $ 36.00 On Sale!
ortega_box_set.jpeg Guild - The Latigo Posse: Perdita Ortega Box Set
Perdita Ortega’s box comes with six models, including Perdita herself. Her older brother Francisco provides a dangerous melee counterpoint to the blazing guns of her other brother, Santiago. Papa Loco brings far more dynamite than any man truly needs to the fight, while the stealthy Nino watches over everything from a distance, picking off his enemies with careful precision. Perdita’s totem is the Enslaved Nephilim, which regretfully supports her crew as they hunt down its brethren.
#WYR 20103 - Price: $ 45.00 - $ 36.00 On Sale!
lucius_box_set.jpeg Guild - Bound by Law: Lucius Box Set
Lucius Mattheson’s box comes with seven models, including Lucius himself. The Guild Guards are cheap, solid minions that can hold their own at range or in melee, and their effectiveness improves greatly when near the formidable Captain Dashel. The Guild Lawyers support their crew by suing everything that moves, while the Scribe serves Lucius as a totem, providing a bit of extra support and protection for his mysterious master.
#WYR 20108 - Price: $ 50.00 - $ 40.00 On Sale!
relic_hunters.jpeg Guild - Relic Hunters: Lucas McCabe Box Set
Lucas McCabe’s box comes with seven models, including two which represent McCabe while mounted and dismounted. His henchman, Sidir Alchibal, is a dangerous man with a machine gun and few qualms about using it, and his totem Luna is a loyal companion capable of severing a man’s hand with a single bite. Filling out the crew are the Wastrels, cheap minions who serve McCabe with their haughty attitudes and collections of random magical trinkets.
#WYR 20115 - Price: $ 45.00 - $ 36.00 On Sale!
hounds.jpg Guild - Hounds
Guild Box Set, containing four 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic and four stat cards. Will require some preparation and assembly.
#WYR 20123 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
AllisonDade.jpg Guild - Allison Dade
This box includes 1 model and 1 stat-card for "Allison Dade".
#WYR 20136 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
TheJury.jpg Guild - The Jury
This box includes 1 model and 1 stat-card for "The Jury".
#WYR 20138 - Price: $ 15.00 - $ 12.00 On Sale!
death-marshal-recruiters.jpg Guild - Death Marshal Recruiters
This box includes 2 models and 2 stat-cards for "Death Marshal Recruiters".
#WYR 20134 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
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