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Wyrd Miniatures - Neverborn


The Neverborn are terrible monsters that brutally prey upon the humans who have appeared to claim Malifaux for their own. The Neverborn take many shapes, from the winged Nephilim to the ghostly Sorrows. Some are deceptively similar in appearance to humans, able to walk among them, and these are by far the most dangerous, as their unknown designs are far more subtle and far-reaching. Where many Neverborn are satisfied by grizzly, indulgent murder, these human-looking monsters wage a campaign of terror on mankind through grand organized raids and clever attacks on human settlements. Despite this focus on the bigger picture, most of these Neverborn are not above the occasional indulgent murder.

Featured Products:

DarkDebts.jpeg Neverborn - Dark Debts: Jakob Lynch Box Set
Jakob Lynch

Like the fates of Malifaux, Jakob Lynch can find himself in incredible good fortune, though more often than not, his luck is sour. Winning the Honeypot casino was a stroke of good luck that would only end poorly for the young entrepreneur. More used to bringing business to the casino than running it, Lynch quickly found himself in debt to the Ten Thunders. There was no way he would be able to fight collectors off with just the small pistol he kept, and Lynch knew that he was in too deep. He was ready to throw himself into the river when two men approached him with a strange offer. They would pay his debts for as long as they could use the Honeypot's basement. Unable to pass up such a good deal, Lynch, Mr. Graves, and Mr. Tannen became partners in business. Eventually, as he knew it would, Lynch's curiosity got the better of him and he slipped down into the basement to see what it was that had changed his business so greatly. That was when his mind was opened to the truth: there was a terrible creature in his basement that was the source of all his success. Immune to the lure of the Brilliance, Lynch now finds himself caught between the Ten Thunders and the Neverborn, barely able to hold the two at bay. If he has any hope at surviving he may have to dive into even darker places to become the master of his own fate.

Hungering Darkness

There are ancient things in Malifaux, long-forgotten, sleeping things that wait to be awoken. The Hungering Darkness was one such thing, but it is now awake. Thanks to two Neverborn who have taken the forms of Mr. Tannen and Mr. Graves, it now resides in the basement of the Honeypot Casino and uses the establishment’s proprietor, Jakob Lynch, to help spread the addictive Brilliance that brings it victims.

The Hungering Darkness is Jakob Lynch’s totem and may only be included in crews led by him. It is free, so Jakob Lynch should always bring along this model. For a totem, it has an amazing attack. It also has “Heed My Voice,” which can force enemy models to take an action controlled by The Hungering Darkness. On top of that, it can heal itself and is difficult to kill. In many ways, this totem is the power behind Jakob Lynch.

The Illuminated

The Brilliance that the Hungering Darkness feeds its victims isn’t just addictive; it is also a powerful magic. After a person has received enough Brilliance to build up some immunity but before they have received so much that the Darkness consumes them, they are able to channel the Brilliance within them, allowing them to shape their limbs into weapons. They wield these weapons for one purpose: to taste more Brilliance.

Illuminated are highly durable models with good melee damage. They have Armor, “Regeneration,” and a good healing action. They also have a decent melee attack that deals extra damage against models with the Brilliance Condition. Due to their synergy with the Brilliance Condition, Illuminated work great with Jakob Lynch, but any crew that can take them never regrets having at least one.

Neverborn/Ten Thunders Box Set, containing five 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality Plastic, Stat Cards and six Upgrade Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and stat card for "Jakob Lynch", one model and stat card for "Hungering Darkness", and three models and three stat cards for "Illuminated". Also includes six upgrade cards: Expert Cheater, The Rising Sun, Wanna See A Trick, Woke Up With A Hand, Endless Hunger, Addict.

#WYR 20406 - Price: $ 40.00 - $ 32.00 On Sale!
HideNSeek.jpeg Neverborn - Hide and Seek (Dreamer Box Set)
The Dreamer’s box comes with nine models, including the Dreamer himself. The almighty Lord Chompy Bits is the most impressive member of the crew, and when the Dreamer invariably wakes up and disappears from the board, it’s Lord Chompy Bits that takes over the crew until the Dreamer’s return. Coppelius provides the two of them with a supremely fast skirmisher, while the weaker Alps prefer to drain the energy and vitality out of nearby enemies. Through it all, the Daydream totems cartwheel and float, pushing the rest of the crew further into trouble.

The Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits

Nytmare has twisted human’s dreams since the fall of Old Malifaux, feeding on the terror he causes. In that time, there is one child who has resisted his efforts. The Dreamer simply reshaped his dreams back again, never once fearing the lurking Tyrant. When Nytmare tried to leave the boy’s dream to feed on easier prey, he was surprised to see the child follow him. In the darkness of Malifaux, the boy demanded his new playmate ‘Lord Chompy Bits’ play hide and seek. He seemed unaware that his mind was no longer inside his own dreams, but bending the very fabric of Malifaux itself as he summoned unnatural friends to join them. The power this offered Nytmare over reality, Malifaux, and the slowly waking Tyrants, was tremendous; if he could only determine how it worked. Unwilling to risk anyone else finding or harming the boy, he has since indulged in every demand for a new game, watching gently over his charge until he can understand how a mere boy could wield such power so casually.


Coppelius is a creature of darkness. Lurking in the shadows of Malifaux, he feeds on the lonely and the fearful. As he approaches, his victims feel tired, unable to fight. He plucks out their eyes, leaving them in eternal darkness. Nobody knows for sure what he does with the eyes, but he has been heard mumbling the phrase, “For my children,” as he collects his gruesome harvest.

Coppelius is a melee model who gains the Plucked Eyeball Condition when he damages enemies. This Condition raises his defense and can be spent to heal friendly models or summon an Alp. Coppelius is also good at generating Horror Duels to Paralyze enemies. Coppelius works well with The Dreamer since he is a Nightmare, though the Wp checks he generates also work well in a Pandora crew. There is nothing quite like a model that grows in power by ripping the eyes from its enemies.


Daydreams are products of The Dreamer’s imagination. While Lord Chompy Bits and the other Nightmares keep The Dreamer company at night, Daydreams are his playmates during the day. Other children aren’t as much fun, and The Dreamer’s power makes these imaginary friends far more real than they have any right to be.

Daydreams are The Dreamer’s totems and may only be included in crews led by him. The Dreamer may hire up to three Daydreams. The Dreamer can summon these totems cheaply and easily. They are excellent utility models, reducing the Wp of nearby enemies, moving friendly Nightmares, and sacrificing themselves to make The Dreamer’s summoning more effective. Any crew led by The Dreamer will be glad to have a few of these models around.


Unlike most of the abominations that inhabit Malifaux, Alps rarely attack humans directly, instead preferring to take their victims while they sleep. Different emotional states have a different flavor to Alps, and they will often follow their victims for weeks, causing pranks and disturbances to get the flavor just right before the victim falls asleep one final time.

Alps are cheap, disposable models that excel at giving Slow to enemy models. Any enemy models that activate near an Alp risk gaining Slow, as do enemies damaged by its attacks. Alps can also heal other friendly Nightmares, which makes them great in a Dreamer crew, especially since he can easily summon them when and where he needs them.

This box includes 9 models and stat-cards for: "The Dreamer", "Lord Chompy Bits", "Coppelius", 3 "Daydreams", and 3 "Alps".

Also included are 5 upgrade cards: "Otherworldy", "Restless Dreams", "Tantrums", "Dreams of Pain", and "On Dreaming Wings".

#WYR 20408 - Price: $ 50.00 - $ 40.00 On Sale!
MasterofPuppets.jpeg Neverborn - Master of Puppets: Collodi Crew

There are many old relics from humanity's first time through the Breach. Most of these are the usual variety- ruins, coins, books. But there are forgotten things as well, things that were imbued with magic and life. Collodi is a living puppet, the size of a human adult. It was made to be an entertainer, a marionette that told stories through others of its kind. Collodi was a delight and a wonder of its age that was created to love its work, and so it did. At the closing of the Breach, after the mayhem that followed, the puppeteer was left alone in Malifaux, with no more children to share stories with. The next century passed slowly. To make up for its loneliness, Collodi began making new puppets from bits of wood it scavenged. These fake children became the audience for new shows and stories, but it was never quite the same. As time went on Collodi began to slowly drift away, losing its grip on itself. When the Breach reopened, Collodi rushed to the newly arrived settlers, drawn by the laughter of children. The adults attacked the living puppet, forcing it away with torches and axes. Denied the ability to fulfill its purpose, Collodi learned to hate. It vowed to teach humanity the emptiness it had felt for so long in the absence of children. It started making a new kind of puppet, using the blood of stolen children as a template. Collodi wanders Malifaux in its painted wagon, hiding in plain sight behind the masks it wears, still committed to its now twisted purpose.


The same hands made Vasilisa as made Collodi himself. Where Collodi was made to entertain, Vasilisa was made to take care of children. After the opening of the Breach, the two were reunited, and now they travel together. Vasilisa maintains Collodi’s Marionettes with her impressive needle skill, which she occasionally puts to use on living flesh as well.

Vasilisa is highly mobile and has a good defense, though her low Wounds balances this. Her attack has a host of Triggers that can disable the target, ranging from restricting Walk actions to preventing attack actions. She has “Obey,” allowing her to control another model (friendly or enemy) for one action, and she can make other friendly Puppets take an extra action for free. Vasilisa provides a combination of disruption to the enemy and AP efficiency to her crew, making her great in any crew containing Puppets.


Collodi’s wagon contains a collection of elaborate wooden Marionettes. Each one is constructed with wood, cloth, and blood and then bound with the soul of a child. These Marionettes retain a shadow of their original personality, and Collodi chooses their roles carefully. When he leaves his wagon, he often takes a group of the most aggressive and cruel Marionettes with him.

Marionettes are Collodi’s totems and may only be included in crews led by him. Collodi may hire up to four Marionettes. Marionettes reduce damage caused by Conditions, making them an excellent choice for Collodi’s Personal Puppet Condition. They get stronger when near Collodi, and when they take actions outside of their activation, they get more powerful. This allows Collodi to travel around the board pulling the strings of an army of lethal puppets.

Wicked Doll

Wicked Dolls are manifestations of pure hatred, wrapped in cloth or leather bags. They stalk their victims for weeks or days, causing all manner of harm before pouncing and tearing them apart with needles and claws. Once they are finished, they will use the corpse to make another of their kind and then find a new target.

Wicked Dolls are cheap, disposable models that work best in pairs. They can apply Poison to their targets and increase the damage models suffer from the Poison Condition. They have good defense, which makes them great for scoring objectives, and they can give models bonuses to actions taken outside of their activations. These models work particularly well with Collodi, but Zoraida can put them to amazing use as well.

Neverborn Box Set, containing nine 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and six Upgrade Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Collodi", one model and one stat card for "Vasilisa", four models and four stat cards for "Marionettes", three models and three stat cards for "Wicked Dolls". Also contains six upgrade cards: Threads of Fate, Fated, Breathe Life, Bag of Props, A Friend To Talk To,and Strum The Threads.

#WYR 20409 - Price: $ 50.00 - $ 40.00 On Sale!
MotherOfMonsters.jpeg Neverborn - Mother of Monsters: Lilith Box Set

Lilith is the first of the Neverborn. Lilith’s emotions are frighteningly mercurial, a calm and cunning leader one moment, a frenzied creature of pure hatred and malice the next. She remembers the end days of Old Malifaux as fleeting memories, impressions of a crueler, but better, time. She will not abide humanity’s incursion into what Lilith sees as her domain. When the Breach first opened over a century ago she was curious, inquisitive to see what these creatures were like in numbers. She was aware that humans had, from time to time, slipped through the walls of reality – the hag, Zoraida, being one such individual. What she learned from her observations convinced Lilith that humanity was a canker to be excised.

Lilith is concerned, as she sees the potential for the Neverborn to fracture into sects, much as it had been in the early days, before she and her sisters brought them together. For now, Lilith is content to plot on a short term basis, slowing but not thwarting humanity’s expansion beyond the City’s walls. Her steady hit and run tactics have earned her prominence on the Guild’s Most Wanted list, the bounty growing with each successful attack.

For her time is not a limitation, but a resource she will continue to put to good use. Her patience can span centuries if need be, until her planning and maneuvering once again places her in the position to end humanity’s presence in Malifaux.


The Cherub that often accompanies Lilith is a manifestation of the raw emotions of the Nephilim. While humans mostly know Nephilim for their rage, they have complex relationships, and the Cherub reflects their vibrant and ever-changing emotions. It floats on the battlefield, confusing the enemy and filling its allies with a sense of euphoria.

The Cherub is Lilith’s totem, so it may only be included in a crew that is led by Lilith. It reduces the required AP to Interact for friendly models near it, which can make scoring VP more efficient. It can also Push enemy models with the Trigger on its attack, which combos well with Lilith’s Terror Tots because they can “Pounce” on models Pushed near them. Finally, it has an attack that can render the area around a target model hazardous. This synergizes well with Lilith’s abundance of forced movement as she can Push enemies into the hazardous terrain. The Cherub is an incredibly fun model to use in any Lilith list.

Terror Tot

The Terror Tot is the first stage of the Nephilim life cycle. Although they are small in stature, they have fast claws and don’t back down from a fight. Most humans can deal with a single Tot, but they often travel in packs, bringing down weary travelers in a torrent of teeth and claws. Of course, if they have to, they can always call in their bigger brothers and sisters, who are rarely far away.

Terror Tots are the cheapest Nephilim models, and they often make up the core of a Nephilim crew. They are excellent objective grabbers as their “Sprint” action allows them to get up field quickly and their relatively high defense keeps them safe. They also have the “Pounce” ability, allowing them to attack enemies Pushed near them, which combos well with many of the other Nephilim.


Barbaros was captured by humans when he was young and forced to fight in the Pits. His wings atrophied, and he was constrained to his current size by magic wielded by his captors. Since his escape he has ruthlessly hunted down any humans who come across his path, each one paying in blood the price for holding him in chains.

Barbaros has a decent array of defensive abilities. Around him, enemies must succeed at Wp duels to target anything other than him. Those things combined make him a great disruption piece. He keeps enemies at bay, prevents them from scoring VP, and ties them up while the rest of his crew achieves victory. He works particularly well with Terror Tots or Baby Kade, who can “Pounce” on models he Pushes to them. As a Nephilim with Black Blood, he has obvious synergy with Lilith, but Pandora can easily take advantage of the Wp duels he generates.

Neverborn Box Set, containing six 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and six Upgrade Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and stat card for "Lilith", one model and one stat card for "Barbados", one model and one stat card for "Cherub", and three models and three stat cards for "Terror Tots". Also included are six upgrade cards: Living Blade, Wicked Mistress, Summon the Blood, Beckon Malifaux, Nephilim Gladiatus, and Obsidian Talons.

#WYR 20401 - Price: $ 45.00 - $ 36.00 On Sale!
pandora_box.jpeg Neverborn - No Shelter Here: Pandora Box Set

The Neverborn take on many guises, but none are so at odds with their true nature as Pandora's glamorous appearance. Pandora uses her youthful, genuine demeanor to walk the City’s streets undisturbed, thus enabling her to pursue her dark and terrible agendas without molestation. She carries with her an ancient box which remains firmly sealed until she is ready to release its contents. Even while the box is closed Pandora sometimes whispers to it, cocking her head to one side to listen to voices no one else can hear. Opening the box unleashes pandemonium, twisting sanity until the lines of reality blur into in-consequence.

Pandora became a thrall of the box for a short time, serving as a conduit. Her previously shaky sanity was further compromised by her experience. Her maliciously mischievous side has warped into a sadistically cruel streak which can rear its ugly head at any time. Even her pet Woes know better than to stay too close to their mistress when the mood strikes her. They have seen firsthand the damage the box is capable of wreaking on even their sullied existence.

Now Pandora is a force of suffering in all of Malifaux. Walking the edges of consciousness and feeding upon the terrible anguish of the populace. Unlike Lilith, she has little desire to see humanity cast from Malifaux, as they are delicious treats for her macabre whims.

Where Pandora walks, hope dies.


Poltergeists are one of the many ghosts that dwell in Malifaux. They have little control over the physical, but they can send their victims into emotional fits or even drive them insane. Because of this, Pandora has taken a liking to them, and frequently uses them to carry out her whims. It is suspected that she manipulates and torments the Poltergeists as much as they do their victims, delighting in being able to torment humans even after death.

The Poltergeist is Pandora’s totem, so it can only be included in crews led by Pandora. It gives enemies near it penalties to Wp duels, which is fantastic for Pandora, whose abilities target Wp. It can also take its “Magical Extension” action to use one of Pandora’s abilities, giving the crew an extra use of a master-level action. All in all, the Poltergeist is a great support piece for any Pandora crew.


The Woes of the Neverborn appear in many shapes and sizes, and Candy appears as an innocent human girl. But make no mistake; she is far from innocent. Her magic turns people’s darkest desires against them, and she delights in spreading misery and insanity. Beneath her unassuming face brews a rage and discontent that few could ever begin to understand.

Candy is great at controlling the flow of enemy activations. Enemy models near her gain Paralyzed if they activate first and take damage if they activate last. She can also apply the Mood Swing Condition, allowing her to force certain models to activate. Controlling which enemy models activate when is incredibly powerful in certain situations and can swing a game if used with care. Candy also can heal her crew, which is always useful. When you get the hang of using Candy, she is a model your opponents will learn to fear.

Baby Kade

Although he takes the form of an innocent toddler, Baby Kade is the Woe that embodies betrayal. He lures his victims in with the cries and coos of a human child and then plunges his knife into their backs. He is happiest during the brief moment after his victims have realized what a terrible mistake they have made but before they are slain.

Baby Kade has an amazing melee stat of 7, which can receive damage boosts by being near friendly models or through Triggers. This makes him an incredibly deadly model, and, with his high defense and “Manipulative” ability, he is hard to take down as well. He can also attack models Pushed near him with “Pounce” or “Lure” enemies out of position. He has great synergy with Teddy, whom he can reposition with his “Where’s Teddy” action.


Sorrows are spirits of despair and depression. They are drawn to tragedy, feeding off the hopelessness of their victims until they lack the will to live. Even in the middle of a fight, there are those who will simply lie on the ground and accept death thanks to the manipulation of a Sorrow.

Sorrows are largely passive models. Their abilities can make enemy models that activate or fail Wp duels near them suffer damage. They are Incorporeal, making them difficult to damage with anything other than Ca actions, and they can use their “Misery Loves Company” action to get close to the enemy. Of course, they aren’t entirely passive; their “Doldrums” action can Paralyze the enemy, which is very powerful and will disrupt any crew! Sorrows work particularly well with Pandora.

Neverborn Box Set, containing seven 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and six Upgrades. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Pandora", one model and one stat card for "Poltergeist", one model and one stat card for "Candy", one model and one stat card for "Baby Kade", and three models and three stat card for "Sorrows". Also included are six upgrade Cards: Fugue State, Cry For Me, Depression, The Box Opens, Voices, and Best Behavior

#WYR 20402 - Price: $ 45.00 - $ 36.00 On Sale!
adze.jpg Neverborn - Adze
This box includes one model and one stat-card for "Adze".
#WYR 20443 - Price: $ 18.00 - $ 14.40 On Sale!
Autumn-Knight.jpg Neverborn - Autumn Knights
This box includes 3 models and 3 stat-cards for "Autumn Knights".
#WYR 20436 - Price: $ 24.00 - $ 19.20 On Sale!
Bandersnatch.jpg Neverborn - Bandersnatch
This box includes 1 model and 1 stat-card for "Bandersnatch".
#WYR 20437 - Price: $ 18.00 - $ 14.40 On Sale!
Bunraku.jpg Neverborn - Bunraku (3)
This box includes 3 models and 3 stat-cards for "Bunraku".
#WYR 20433 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
bultungin.jpg Neverborn - Bultungin
This box includes 3 models and 3 stat-cards for "Bultungin".
#WYR 20442 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
Changelings.jpg Neverborn - Changeling
Neverborn Box Set, containing three 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Set Contains:


-3 Changelings

Stat Cards

-3 Changelings

#WYR 20432 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
CorruptedHounds.jpg Neverborn - Corrupted Hounds
This box includes 4 models and 4 stat-cards for "Corrupted Hounds".
#WYR 20431 - Price: $ 24.00 - $ 19.20 On Sale!
cyclops.jpg Neverborn - Cyclops
This box includes 2 models and 2 stat-cards for "Cyclops".
#WYR 20441 - Price: $ 40.00 - $ 32.00 On Sale!
Grootslang.jpg Neverborn - Grootslang
This box includes one model and 1 stat-card for "Grootslang".
#WYR 20440 - Price: $ 30.00 - $ 24.00 On Sale!
hinamatsu.jpg Neverborn - Hinamatsu
This box includes one model and one stat-card for "Hinamatsu".
#WYR 20445 - Price: $ 15.00 - $ 12.00 On Sale!
Rougarou.jpg Neverborn - Rogarou
Neverborn Box Set, containing two 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Set Contains:


-2 Rogarou

Stat Cards

-2 Rogarou

#WYR 20439 - Price: $ 18.00 - $ 14.40 On Sale!
Serena.jpg Neverborn - Serena Bowman
This box includes one model and one stat-card for "Serena Bowman".
#WYR 20444 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
TheCarver.jpeg Neverborn - The Carver
This box includes one model and 1 stat-card for "The Carver".
#WYR 20419 - Price: $ 18.00 - $ 14.40 On Sale!
WillOWisp.jpg Neverborn - Will o' the Wisps (3)
This box includes 3 models and 3 stat-cards for "Will o' the Wisps".
#WYR 20438 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
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