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Wyrd Miniatures - Resurrectionists

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Toshiro.jpeg Resurrectionists - Toshiro, the Damiyo
Toshiro was the head of the Katanaka clan when the violence and depravity of the clan drove some of their forces to rebel. Toshiro held steadfast on the battlefield but was eventually slain by the traitors and left to rot in the sun. Yan Lo led his spirit back from the afterlife and reunited it with his crumbling body so he might once again call his long-dead army to him.

Toshiro is a melee model who is excellent at supporting Minions. He gives all friendly nearby Minions bonuses to attack, and he may take a free action to give nearby Minions either the Focused or Fast Condition. His Ancestral Katana is a great attack action with bonuses to hit and decent Triggers. Finally, he can take the “Command The Graves” upgrade to summon Ashigaru or Komainu. Summoning models at the proper time can win games, making Toshiro an amazing choice on many occasions. Toshiro is an excellent addition to any Minion-focused list; he works particularly well with Yan Lo.

Contains one model and one stat card for "Toshiro". Also includes one upgrade card: Command the Graves.

#WYR 20218 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
TheHanged.jpeg Resurrectionists - The Hanged
Hanging is the preferred method of execution in Malifaux, which creates many potential victims to become one of the cursed spirits known simply as The Hanged. These spirits are brought forth by only the most skilled Resurrectionists as The Hanged are vicious, often driven mad by their execution. Their insanity is contagious, spreading on a mere whisper.

The Hanged are Incorporeal, making them difficult to take down and allowing them to pass easily through terrain. They are adept at making other models take Horror Duels, which can potentially Paralyze them. However, their best action is “Whispers From Beyond”, which can lower a model’s wounds by half and prevent it from being healed. The Hanged excel at shutting down and removing high cost enemy models who would otherwise be major trouble.

Resurrectionist Box Set, contains two miniatures and two stat cards for "The Hanged". Will require some preparation and assembly.

#WYR 20216 - Price: $ 16.00 - $ 12.80 On Sale!
Yin.jpeg Resurrectionists - Yin, the Penangalan
In life, Yin was a human woman. She was happy and in love until she was completely and utterly betrayed. Her bitterness and hatred kept her going past when she should have died. Now, she is nothing but a writhing mass of viscera with a head. Her victims are often frozen in terror as she coils around them, poisoning them with her bile.

Yin is difficult to kill, and she works well in any crew that targets Wp. Her “Mass of Viscera” ability gives enemies penalties to hit her, making it almost impossible to damage her unless enemy models have the Focused Condition. She is slow, but she can push into base contact with enemies. Finally, she can apply penalties to a model’s Ca and Wp duels as a free action, which can leave them vulnerable to a number of devastating attacks. Yin is an excellent addition to crews that target Wp or produce Horror Duels as she cripple’s the enemy’s only defenses to these potent abilities.

Resurrectionist/Ten Thunders, contains one model and one stat card for"Yin, the Penangalan. Will require some preparation and assembly.

#WYR 20219 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
RogueNecromancy.jpeg Resurrectionists - Rogue Necromancy
McMourning has created many obscene creations in his time, but the Rogue Necromancy is probably the prize of his collection. It is cobbled together from a collection of vicious animals, with heads and limbs and wings assembled in a vague mockery of life. The beast is relentless, devouring its victims after tearing them to shreds. Even so, it somehow recognizes McMourning as its master, frequently bringing him trophies.

The Rogue Necromancy is a fearsome melee monster with an impressive Ml stat of 7 and good damage. It also has good movement, as the “Stalk” action allows it to follow its prey. It can even use its Acid Breath to damage models at range and produce blasts. Finally, it has “Smell Fear,” which allows it to attack when nearby enemies fail a Wp duel. This gives it particular synergy with crews that target Wp (such as Seamus), but it is a great addition to any list.

Resurrectionist Box Set, contains one model and one stat card for "Rogue Necromancy". Also includes "Pack" upgrade card. Will require some preparation and assembly.

#WYR 20222 - Price: $ 35.00 - $ 28.00 On Sale!
DeadRider.jpeg Resurrectionists - Dead Rider
Death has been stalking Guild Soulstone shipments in recent months in the form of the Dead Rider. Where it came from and what it is remain a mystery. What is known is that few survive an encounter with the creature as guards quickly fall before its scythe. Disturbingly, it takes bodies from the scenes of its slaughter, which it seems to use to repair itself. More than one survivor has seen the Rider wearing a dead comrade’s face.

Like the other Riders, the Dead Rider is an expensive model designed to deal damage and survive while doing it. It becomes more powerful as the game progresses, gaining higher damage reduction, better Triggers, and more actions with each passing turn. It has a high Wk and ignores severe terrain, making it highly mobile. The Dead Rider differs in that it is more mobile than the other Riders, with a Trigger that allows it to Push after an attack, and it can even drag its target along with it. It can also force a large number of Horror Duels, making nearby enemies make a check or risk being Paralyzed.

Resurrectionist Box Set, contains one model and one stat card for "Dead Rider". Will require some preparation and assembly.

#WYR 20224 - Price: $ 35.00 - $ 28.00 On Sale!
CarrionEffigy.jpeg Resurrectionists - Carrion Effigy
There is a careful balance between life and death, and the Carrion Effigy can sense and even help maintain this balance. Due to the turbulent times in Malifaux, the balance is disrupted, and Carrion has stepped in to help, stripping humans of their petty illusions about life and death and introducing them to the balance as it should be.

The Carrion Effigy has excellent stats and defenses relative to its cost, making it great for grabbing objectives. It can also remove immunities to Horror Duels, Slow, Paralyzed, and Poison, which are all conditions the Resurrectionist faction delights in applying to its enemies. This makes it a great solution for otherwise difficult matches against Resurrectionists. Finally, it can be used to heal its friendly leader. Any Resurrectionist crew can find a good place for the Carrion Effigy.

Resurrectionist Box Set, contains one model and one stat card for "Carrion Effigy". Will require some preparation and assembly.

#WYR 20225 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
Gaki.jpeg Resurrectionists - Gaki
Gaki are souls that the Datsue Ba has judged guilty of greed, jealousy, and desire. Every appetite they had in life is twisted into an insatiable hunger. They appear as terrible forms with giant mouths full of sharpened teeth. They think of nothing but their hunger, tearing flesh from the living and dead alike. They often swarm their targets, devouring them in a hideous feeding frenzy.

With a high Df, high Wounds, and the ability to heal, Gaki are very hardy for their relatively cheap cost. This can make them good objective runners, used to hold areas of the board and score VP. They are Spirits, which gives them synergy with Kirai (who can summon them), but they can also generate Corpse Markers, which combos with Masters such as Nicodem who rely on Corpse Markers for summoning. Gaki are a good addition to any Resurrectionist collection.

#WYR 20226 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
Nurses.jpeg Resurrectionists - Nurses
McMourning’s Nurses chose to trade their services, and their sanity, for the promise of eternal beauty from the good doctor. McMourning has made good on this promise, supplying the employees of his secret lab with new flesh from his victims. The transplant process has proven to be intensely painful, however, thereby slowly stripping the recipients of their sanity with each update.

With their “Take Your Meds” ability, Nurses have a plethora of options for both boosting friendly models and hampering enemies. Each result of the “Take Your Meds” action is a double-edged sword. For example, one result grants the target bonus damage to melee attacks but comes with the stipulation that it may only take melee attacks on its next activation. This could buff a friendly model or essentially paralyze an enemy who is not in a position to attack. At least one Nurse is always a good buy for any Resurrectionist crew.

Resurrectionist Box Set, containing two models and two stat cards for "Nurses". Will require some preparation and assembly.

#WYR 20208 - Price: $ 16.00 - $ 12.80 On Sale!
PunkZombies.jpeg Resurrectionists - Punk Zombies
Sometimes a body will be resurrected with a bit of its will, desire, or personality intact. The stronger the personality in life, the more will remain upon reanimation. Punk Zombies are created from the corpses of the most vicious murderers, torturers, and otherwise nefarious individuals. Their desire to inflict pain and violence follows them beyond the grave, making them fantastic weapons in the hands of any willing Resurrectionist.

With their highly accurate Katanas and ability to “Flurry” for multiple attacks, Punk Zombies are great at putting out damage at a high rate in close combat. This makes them especially great summoning options for Masters like Nicodem and Molly who can place them right into the action. However, any Resurrectionist crew that wants effective melee can’t go wrong with a Punk Zombie or two.

Resurrectionist Box Set, contains three models and three stat cards for "Punk Zombie". Will require some preparation and assembly.

#WYR 20205 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
RottenBelles.jpeg Resurrectionists - Rotten Belles
Although they were once working girls in Madame Sybelle’s Saloon, Rotten Belles are now undead ladies of the evening. Most were raised in a single night of bloodshed when Seamus visited the saloon in an orgy of violence. Now he carefully maintains his girls, replacing them if they are destroyed or damaged with a new victim who has similar features.

Rotten Belles are cheap, highly durable models that can reposition other models with the “Lure” action. “Lure” can be used to force the enemy out of position or even bring them into combat with the Belle, who can then take a free attack on them. It can also be used on friendly models. These are fantastic models for any Resurrectionist crew and should be a strong consideration for players starting to collect the faction.

Resurrectionist Box Set, contains three models and three stat cards for "Rotten Belles". Will require some preparation and assembly.

#WYR 20204 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
MindlessZombies.jpeg Resurrectionists - Mindless Zombies
In some ways, each form of undead is unique. Most are resurrected through ritual, sacrifice, or sheer willpower; Mindless Zombies, however, are victims of an undead plague that passes from person to person through murder and bloodshed. These creatures are easily resurrected but difficult to control; many careless Resurrectionists raise them only to join their ranks.

Mindless Zombies can’t actually be hired; they may only be summoned, usually with the “Maniacal Laugh” upgrade. They are the definition of fodder, with low stats and below-average attacks. However, they don’t cost any Soulstones at the start of the game, and sometimes having an extra activation or a model to tie up an area is all you need. In addition to being free fodder, friendly models can treat them as corpse markers, making them mobile summoning points in certain crews.

Contains 5 models and 5 stat cards for "Mindless Zombies".

#WYR 20213 - Price: $ 35.00 - $ 28.00 On Sale!
FleshConstruct.jpeg Resurrectionists - Flesh Construct w/ Victim
Flesh Constructs are walking abominations stitched together with whatever parts the Resurrectionist who assembled them thought would be the most menacing. They are bulky, disjointed things, but make no mistake: they can take a good deal of punishment and still tear a victim limb from limb. McMourning has a fondness for making the things and considers each an individual piece of art.

Flesh Constructs have very high Wd for their cost along with a number of defensive abilities, making them fantastic meat shields. They heal when they have Poison, so they are attractive to Poison-themed crews. They also work well with Kirai, as their high maximum Wounds makes them great targets for her summoning action. A Flesh Construct is always a good bet for a model that is hard to put down.

Contains 1 model and 1 stat card for "Flesh Construct with Victim".

#WYR 20214 - Price: $ 16.00 - $ 12.80 On Sale!
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