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nightstalker_faction.jpeg Nightstalkers - Faction Starter
Tortured souls who have been torn from their physical existence, the Nightstalkers are nightmares made manifest. They claw their way back into the mortal world, desperate to find a way back to the lives they were denied through the pain of others. Contents

This set contains everything you need to start a Nightstalkers Faction for Kings of War Vanguard, including:

- 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Butchers

- 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Horrors

- 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Reapers

- 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Phantoms

- 2 Multi-part PVC Plastic Shadowhounds

- 5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Scarecrows/Spectres

- 26 Warband Cards, including Special Rules Card, Spells Card, and the following stat cards (3 x Spectre, 3 x Reaper, 3 x Scarecrow, 3 x Needlefangs, 1 x Butcher, 3 x Phantom, 3 x Horror, 3 x Shadowhound, 1 x Reaper Souldrinker and 1 x Butcher Fleshripper)

- 15 Bases

#MGE MGVAN101 - Price: $ 39.99 - $ 31.99 On Sale!
nightstalker_booster.jpeg Nightstalkers - Booster
Alongside the twisted foot soldiers of the Nightstalkers come even greater horrors, risen from the darkest depths of existence to spread fear and despair.


- 1 Resin Mind-Screech

- 1 Resin Banshee

- 1 Resin Shade

- 3 Warband Stat Cards

- 1 Clear Plastic Flying Base

- 3 Bases

#MGE MGVAN102 - Price: $ 39.99 - $ 31.99 On Sale!
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