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Wyrd Miniatures - Gremlins

The Neverborn are terrible monsters that brutally prey upon the humans who have appeared to claim Malifaux for their own. The Neverborn take many shapes, from the winged Nephilim to the ghostly Sorrows. Some are deceptively similar in appearance to humans, able to walk among them, and these are by far the most dangerous, as their unknown designs are far more subtle and far-reaching. Where many Neverborn are satisfied by grizzly, indulgent murder, these human-looking monsters wage a campaign of terror on mankind through grand organized raids and clever attacks on human settlements. Despite this focus on the bigger picture, most of these Neverborn are not above the occasional indulgent murder.

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ClosingTime.jpeg Gremlins - Closing Time: Brewmaster Box Set
The Brewmaster

Gremlin palettes are not very refined. They will eat just about anything they can get their grubby paws on, but they still know good 'shine from bad. Where once it was Som'er Teeth who had the best stills in the area, a new face has appeared with new varieties for them to try. Known only as the Brewmaster, this Gremlin came from over the mountains with a small crew of loyal, alcohol-dependent Gremlins calling themselves the 'Tri-Chi.' True to his name, the Brewmaster has several different varieties of moonshine, as well as some more refined variations that even humans might recognize as distant cousins to rum, gin, and beer. For the Gremlins, these new concoctions are tantalizing and alluring, distracting them from their current tasks whenever his distinctive silhouette appears on the horizon. It is nearly impossible for any other Gremlin leader to oppose him, since their minions are as likely to fight for him as against him, but that is of little matter since he does not appear to be interested in taking over the Bayou. Many have tried to sneak into the ranks of the Tri-Chi, but the Brewmaster has strict rules for initiation which most of the Bayou Gremlins cannot understand, and these interlopers are soon routed. In addition to being Tri-Chi, the gremlins that follow the Brewmaster are masters of Drunken Gremlin Kung Fu, a swaggering style of fighting that appears to be little more than boozy missteps across the floor, but in reality tends to send an opponent reeling in broken bones and bloody noses.

Apprentice Wesley

The art of making moonshine is always passed from master to apprentice; such valuable knowledge cannot be lost. Of course, the Brewmaster also finds it convenient to test all of his new concoctions on his young apprentice. Young Wesley is simply biding his time until the day he can don the cloak of Brewmaster and take over where his master left off.

Apprentice Wesley is the Brewmaster’s totem and may only be included in crews led by him. He can give out the Poison condition and further lower the Wp of models with the Poison Condition, which is always useful for the Brewmaster. He can cast one of the Brewmaster’s Ca actions per turn at a reduced Ca, giving his crew another use of a master-level action. Finally, if the Brewmaster dies within 6” of Wesley, Wesley becomes a new Brewmaster!


There are some Gremlins who just don’t know when to stop talking. Fingers, on the other hand, knows when to stop talking; he just doesn’t care. He chatters away to anyone who will listen (or just happens to be near) while his quick hands search their pockets and take anything of value. On occasion, he even steals drink from the Brewmaster himself, though he always shares those spoils to avoid trouble.

Fingers has a high Wk, which, when combined with his extra AP from “Reckless,” quickly gets him wherever he needs to be. He is a model who is particularly great for certain Schemes. His “Chatty” ability prevents enemies from being able to Interact (and therefore stops enemies from scoring VP), he can change enemy Scheme Markers into friendly ones, he can Interact while engaged, and he can heal friendly models, which is always useful for a Gremlin crew. If the objectives are right, Fingers can swing the game to his side.

Moon Shinobi

Moon Shinobi are members of the Tri-Chi and have been taught the art of Drunken Gremlin Kung Fu. Only the Moon Shinobi know who teaches this art and how it works; it is a mystery to everyone else. However, anyone who has encountered the Moon Shinobi knows that their unusual fighting style and uncanny ability to distract an opponent make them an even match for some of the most hardened fighters.

Moon Shinobi are highly mobile models. When they take damage from Poison they may be Pushed, which makes them great with the Brewmaster as he relies on Poison. They have some decent melee actions that can target Df or Wp (allowing them to choose the target’s lower stat), and their “Where’d You Get That” action lets them Push towards another model with Poison. Their best trick, however, is “Drunken Gremlin Kung Fu,” which turns their negative modifiers into positive ones (and vice versa), allowing them to turn terrible situations into great ones.

Gremlin Box Set, containing six 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and Upgrade Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one miniature and one stat card for "The Brewmaster", one miniature and one stat card for "Apprentice Wesley", one miniature and one stat card for "Fingers", and three miniatures and three stat cards for "Moon Shinobi".

#WYR 20615 - Price: $ 45.00 - $ 36.00 On Sale!
TheBayouBoss.png Gremlins - The Bayou Boss Box Set
Som'er Teeth Jones

For a Gremlin, Som'er Teeth Jones has lived a fairly long time. This comes from making other Gremlins do all the dangerous things for him. Som'er realized early on in his life that there were two things that would make people follow you: a loud voice and a big hat. The voice he had, the hat he needed to acquire. After taking it off some merchant who wandered too close to the Bayou, it was an easy task to get many of the Bayou Gremlins to follow him, especially since once a few of them started working together they got things done a lot faster and word spread that there were certain benefits to working with Som'er. Anyone would have had a difficult time keeping all the Gremlins on the same page, but Som'er hadmade an important discovery: moonshine. This sweet potion has kept the spirits of his gremlin followers high enough that they will follow him into battle after battle against the Guild outposts near the Bayou. They have even been focused enough to learn how to train some of the wild pigs that share their domain, riding them into combat like horses and also using them for food when they are too lazy to go out hunting. It was during one of these raids that Som'er earned his nickname. He was injured during the combat, taking a blow to the face that knocked some of his teeth out. Instead of falling to the ground and crying, he spat and said, “Som'er here and som'er there.” Sometime after this battle, wanted posters with his picture on them began to appear in and around the Bayou. Som'er takes great pride in showing them off, proud to have been able to avoid the Guild patrols for so long.


Lenny lumbers over his smaller kin, his massive size dwarfing them. Nobody knows why he grew to be so big, but unfortunately, the growth spurt never quite got to his brain. Due to his slow-witted and sluggish nature, Lenny is often picked on and manipulated by the other Gremlins. He has taken to carrying around a large branch so he can give anyone who teases him a good whack. It is sometimes difficult for him to tell simple interactions from teasing, but he figures he’s better safe than sorry.

Lenny buffs other Gremlins near him, reducing the damage they suffer and adding Rams to their duel totals. This both generates some great Triggers in the Gremlin faction (such as “Dumb Luck”) and avoids some of the Triggers that are detrimental. He also does good damage in melee, can “Toss” his friends up field, and can heal himself. Although Lenny is a large target with low Df, he is an excellent support platform in any Gremlin list.

Bayou Gremlins

The smartest creatures in the Bayou are the Bayou Gremlins. While most would claim they are only smart by a low standard, they have adapted quickly to the human incursion into Malifaux, organizing themselves and learning to use human weaponry. They have even mastered the art of banjo music, much to the chagrin of anyone in earshot.

Bayou Gremlins are the cheap cannon fodder of the Gremlin faction. They can be used to tie up enemies, grab objectives, or overwhelm enemies with sheer numbers. With “Drunk and Reckless,” they can suffer two damage to generate an extra AP, which is great for achieving a variety of goals. They can also Cheat using the top card of the Fate Deck with “Bayou Two Card,” and they have useful Triggers on their shooting attack (though it pays to be careful; Gremlins must declare a Trigger if possible, and the Crow Trigger ricochets the shot into a friend). Any Gremlin crew can use a few Bayou Gremlins among their number.


The Bayou is home to many gruesome and oversized creatures, and its mosquitoes are no exception. These Bayou Skeeters are barely smaller than humans, and their bites can be lethal. Even more disturbingly, it seems Som’er Teeth Jones has trained a number of them and keeps them as pets. How he managed the task is anyone’s guess.

Skeeters are Somer’s totem, and they may only be taken in crews led by him. Unlike most totems, up to two are permitted in a crew. They are insanely mobile with Wk 10 and Flight. They also have a high Df and melee, allowing them to cross the board quickly and engage enemy models, tying them down. They have few Wounds and do little damage, but sometimes holding up a target is enough. They can also use Somer’s zero actions as they hold their targets at bay, doing damage in a pulse.

Gremlin Box Set, containing eight 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality Plastic, Stat Cards and five Upgrade Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Som'er Jones", one model and one stat card for "Lenny", four models and four stat cards for "Bayou Gremlins", and two miniatures and two stat cards for "Skeeters". Also includes five upgrade cards:

- Pig Feed

- Family Tree

- Can O' Beans

- Encouragement

- I'll Love It and Pet It...

#WYR 20601 - Price: $ 45.00 - $ 36.00 On Sale!
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