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AmaNoZako.jpeg Outcasts - Ama No Zako
Not all monsters are from Malifaux. Ama No Zako terrorized Earth long before the Three Kingdoms were united. She disappeared, and most suspected she was just a legend. In reality she had traveled to Malifaux. Now that humans are pouring in, she is glad to torment her old prey once again. She draws her victims in with sweet whispers before feasting upon them.

Ama No Zako is a mercenary and may be hired by any faction. She is very mobile and does great damage in melee, although her Ml is relatively low. She has a few free actions to choose from. She can either force another model to take an action or she can turn the area around her into hazardous terrain until the end of the turn. This is a great model to pick off smaller targets, eliminating the enemy’s objective grabbers and blocking off areas of the board by making them hazardous.

Outcast/Ten Thunders Box Set, containing one 32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Ama No Zako".

#WYR 20519 - Price: $ 16.00 - $ 12.80 On Sale!
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