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Ten Thunders

DawnSerpent.jpeg Ten Thunders - Dawn Serpent
There are monsters on Earth too, and the Dawn Serpent is one such monster. Its serpentine body can grow to be twice as long as a man, and it can spit fire when angered. The Ten Thunders have seen fit to bring some of these creatures across the Breach, where their powers have only grown stronger.

The Dawn Serpent has amazing attacks in both melee and shooting with a very high stat of 7. Its melee attack gives out Poison (useful with Brewmaster), and its shooting attack produces blasts and gives out Burning (useful with Mei Feng). It also combines “Hard to Kill” with a healing action, allowing it to reach the brink of death and then recover. This is a great model in many crews.

This box includes 1 model and 1 stat-card for "Dawn Serpent".

#WYR 20705 - Price: $ 15.00 - $ 12.00 On Sale!
Snipers.jpg Ten Thunders - Katanaka Snipers (2)
When the Katanaka wish to eliminate a target from a distance they call on the Ansatsu dojo. These snipers are experts at stealth and are trained to frame the murder on unfortunate bystanders. They are patient, carefully planning, setting up, and awaiting the perfect time to strike. Before their first mission, each Katanaka Sniper has their tongue removed, insuring their silence.

Katanaka Snipers have the “From The Shadows” ability, allowing them to be deployed almost anywhere on the board. Their Clockwork Rifle is an excellent shooting attack that gains a bonus to hit and doubles its range with the Focused Condition. Unlike other sniper models, Katanaka Snipers have a melee attack just as devastating as their ranged attack. Finally, as a free action they can use the “Blow Dart” action to Slow a nearby enemy. Katanaka Snipers add excellent ranged support to any list.

This box includes 2 models and 2 stat-cards for "Katanaka Snipers".

#WYR 20709 - Price: $ 18.00 - $ 14.40 On Sale!
Tengu.jpg Ten Thunders - Tengu
Legends say that Tengu were once men but that they have been cursed to exist after death as demons. These Oni are bound to protect the forests and mountains of the Three Kingdoms. Despite their fearsome appearance, they are not always hostile, and it is rumored that they even aid in the training of the Torakage. Villages within a Tengu’s domain learned long ago to treat the land with respect.

Tengu are cheap models designed to grab objectives. They may be placed in contact with a friendly Scheme Marker at the start of their activation, which greatly increases their mobility. They can place Scheme Markers with a Trigger on their attack, and they can discard enemy Scheme Markers as a free action. Finally, they can give other friendly models Regeneration, which heals them. These are some of the best objective running models in the Ten Thunders faction.

This box includes 3 models and 3 stat-cards for "Tengu".

#WYR 20715 - Price: $ 24.00 - $ 19.20 On Sale!
Oiran.jpeg Ten Thunders - Oiran (3)
Not every battle is won with blood and sweat. Many battles are won through information, coercion, and deception. The Oiran excel at these arts. Seemingly harmless escorts, these women have infiltrated Malifaux for the Ten Thunders, feeding information to their masters to allow them to strike when the time is right. Of course, if pressed into a fight, they are far from helpless, thanks to their poisons and concealed weapons.

Oiran are mercenaries, meaning they can be taken by any faction. They boost the Wp of nearby friendly models, and they can give enemies the Unbeknownst Condition, which prevents them from targeting Showgirls (making Oiran a strong choice for Colette, even though she is not Ten Thunders). They can also “Lure” enemy models out of position, which is a great way to get them off of a key objective.

This box includes 3 models and 3 stat-cards for "Oiran".

#WYR 20704 - Price: $ 21.00 - $ 16.80 On Sale!
ShadowEffigy.jpeg Ten Thunders - Shadow Effigy
On several missions, the Ten Thunders have found themselves given aid by a mysterious little creature known as the Shadow Effigy. It embodies everything the clan holds dear: silence, honor, and brutal pragmatism. It hides its allies in shadow and then vanishes when the mission is complete.

The Shadow Effigy has very good defensive abilities for its cost, making it a great objective grabber. Its Precision Blade has an amazing Ml of 7, though it only deals one damage. Even so, it’s good for keeping enemy models in combat. It can also give friendly models the Remember the Mission Condition, which allows them to place a Scheme Marker in base contact at the end of their activation. Finally, it can use its “Blend Into Shadow” action to help protect the friendly leader.

This box includes 1 model and 1 stat-card for "Shadow Effigy".

#WYR 20710 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
Komainu.jpg Ten Thunders - Komainu
Many important buildings are guarded by a pair of stone or metal creatures that look like a cross between a lion and a dog. These are Komainu, and the temple’s guardian spirits can inhabit them in times of need. Komainu are fearsome opponents, and it is said their bite rends both flesh and soul.

Komainu are excellent foot soldiers; midrange models with decent attack and defense. Their Armor and “Hard to Kill” defensive abilities combine to make them difficult models to put down. A Komainu’s Rend the Soul melee attack targets Wp, which makes it a good choice if the opposing crew has high Df. It has some very useful Triggers that it can use automatically if an Ancestor is nearby, making it a good model for Yan Lo. Finally, it can push into base contact with an enemy as a free action, and its abilities make using Ca actions near it a dangerous prospect. Komainu work well in any list, but they are great counters against certain enemies.

This box includes 2 models and 2 stat-cards for "Komainu".

#WYR 20714 - Price: $ 18.00 - $ 14.40 On Sale!
TheThunder.jpeg Ten Thunders - The Thunder
Misaki’s box comes with six models, including Misaki herself. The fearsome Ototo is her henchman, and his massive tetsubo means a sudden end her his lady’s enemies. The mystical Shang bounds along behind Misaki as she backflips into combat, healing her even as it brings her crew good fortune. Rounding out the crew are the Torakage, trained assassins who are as quick and deadly as one would expect of any ninja.


Ototo has always been strong, and combining that brute strength with proper training made Ototo one of the Oyabun’s most trusted servants. Upon coming to Malifaux, Ototo realized he could control the thunder itself. He has since donned a mask and discarded his given name in favor of Ototo. Now, he is a faceless servant, the visage of everything the Ten Thunders are capable of.

Ototo is a large melee model. His Massive Tetsubo’s attack has a 3” range, allowing him to lock down multiple enemies in combat. He also has “Hard to Kill” and the “Enrage” ability, which combo nicely together. Finally, he has “Laugh Off,” which prevents enemies from moving him. Ototo can simultaneously hold a location and pummel enemies, leaving other models free for different tasks. Who doesn’t want an enraged maniac on their side who laughs at the enemy as he wields a Massive Tetsubo?


As a child, Misaki lived in her father's shadow. It wasn't until he decided that she would be part of their first wave infiltrating Malifaux that she was able to come into her own. Already skilled at martial arts, her ability was increased greatly during the passage through the Breach, allowing her to defend herself with ease. Having entered under the guise of a Guild lifer, it was not easy to earn the respect needed to manage the Ten Thunders' affairs. Under her tutelage, those under her charge have become an elite team of fighters, working well in small groups and often able to overcome poor odds.

Misaki earned her father's respect and he granted her the title of First Lieutenant, giving her the power to act in his name as Oyabun. Misaki is constantly torn between doing things her own way and honoring her father and her family, between using the knowledge she has learned about Malifaux and obeying her leader's wishes. This conflict often brings father and daughter to disagree, though it is the elder's decisions which are typically carried out.

Her weapon of choice is the Bisento, a bladed polearm, which she manipulates smoothly despite its size. She is a master at keeping an opponent at arm’s length, and few can match her control over close combat.


Misaki has been seeing Shang since she was a child. Nothing but fiery glimpses here and there... until she came to Malifaux. Once she crossed the breach, the nine-tailed fire fox revealed itself fully to her. Now it follows her, protecting or healing her where necessary.

Shang is Misaki’s totem, and it may only be taken in crews led by Misaki. It has “Rush of Magic,” allowing its controller to draw an extra card during the draw phase and then discard a card. This means that, so long as Shang is on the table, its controller will likely have a better hand. In addition to that, Shang can heal Misaki, which helps significantly as she is usually up front and in the action.


In days past, strict codes of honor kept the powerful families of the Three Kingdoms from open warfare. Instead, they turned to the silent, faceless tactics of the masked Torakage, who killed without a trace. Although the rich families of Earth have little use for Torakage presently, the Oyabun gladly employs them on the streets of Malifaux, where they strike like tigers from the darkness.

Torakage are highly mobile models with a good stat line. Enemy models suffer a negative flip when shooting at them if the Torakage is close to another model, and they gain a positive to attack in melee if they are alone; this allows them to move up field as a group and then split up to fight. They have “Rapid Fire,” and their shooting attack can automatically Trigger “Leaf Steps,” which Pushes them up to 3” with each shot. At least one Torakage is always a great choice to grab an objective or two.

This box includes 6 models and stat cards for: "Ototo", "Misaki", "Shang", and 3 "Torakage".

Also included are 6 upgrade cards: "Cutpurse", "Untouchable", "Stalking Bisento", "Disguise", "Call the Thunder", and "Smoke and Shadows".

#WYR 20701 - Price: $ 40.00 - $ 32.00 On Sale!
Yamaziko.jpeg Ten Thunders - Yamaziko
Yamaziko is Misaki’s teacher, in matters of both combat and honor. She holds a revered place in the Ten Thunders, and she has trained many who now serve them behind a mask. Capable both with her bare hands and with a Yari, Yamaziko brings a finesse and level of experience to fighting that few can match. Even when her combat skills are not needed, her advice is always welcome.

Yamaziko is an efficient model for her cost. At a mere seven Soulstones, she has “Nimble,” a 3” melee range, and impressive damage. Her Df and Ml are low, but she makes up for it with damage and mobility. She gains bonuses against Masters (and penalties against Peons) with her “Honorable” ability, and she can use her “Master Tactician” action to force a Master to discard cards if they have hidden Schemes.

This box includes 1 model and 1 stat-card for "Yamaziko".

#WYR 20703 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
LoneSwordsman.jpeg Ten Thunders - Lone Swordsman
The Lone Swordsman is a member of a clan that was annihilated and long forgotten. For a time, he sought revenge for the deaths of his family. Now he wanders the earth, calling out anyone who might pose a worthy challenge to him in the hopes of honor and glory. His mission long forgotten, he wanders still, seeking the fight that will be his end.

The Lone Swordsman is a melee model who is good at targeting and killing a single, large enemy. He has good defense and is particularly hard to hurt with shooting attacks. His melee attack is great with a useful Trigger on every suit. As a free action he can either push (good for setting up a Charge) or use “You Shall Not See Another Sunrise.” When he uses this action, he gains Reactivate and must choose an opposing enemy Master, Henchman, or Enforcer. Once declared, he must kill the chosen model or be sacrificed: only one of them will walk away.

This box includes 1 model and 1 stat-card for "Lone Swordsman".

#WYR 20713 - Price: $ 11.00 - $ 8.80 On Sale!
onis_wrath.jpg Ten Thunders - An Oni's Wrath (Asami Box Set)
Asami’s box contains six models, including Asami herself. Ohaguro Bettari is a fast melee Henchman who can Charge without needing LoS and who can prevent enemy defensive Triggers. Asami’s totem, Amanjaku, can increase the value of Conditions on models and provide cover. Yokai are reliable melee models with good versatility, who are particularly strong summons for Asami.


Asami has experienced more pain in her relatively few years than most people are capable of enduring in a lifetime. As a child, she saw faint lights which she knew came from Beyond. To guard her from judgment, her father kept her isolated. Asami grew lonely and yearned for the day she would have a family of her own.

Following an attack on her family shrine, she lost not only her father but also her fertility, and with it, the hope of creating her own family. Mortally wounded, Asami let the Amanjaku inside her soul, bestowing her with the bestial power of the oni – power which escalated as she let the demon even deeper within her, lured on by its promise to grant her a child. The exchange was a dark pact; the ravenous maw splitting the back of her head is both a constant reminder of her own insatiable hunger for the life she lost and the cruel mark of her oni manipulator.

The Ten Thunders have recruited Asami into their number, hoping to use her demonic strength for themselves, but whether they will be able to control her is another matter entirely.

This box includes 6 models and stat-cards for: "Asami Tanaka", "Amanjaku", "Ohaguro Bettari", and 3 "Youkai".

Also included are several upgrade cards.

#WYR 20723 - Price: $ 50.00 - $ 40.00 On Sale!
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