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Wyrd Miniatures - Outcasts

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Hannah.jpeg Outcasts - Hannah
Hannah is second in the Freikorps only to Von Schill himself, and she is their chief librarian. Originally the head archivist at Oxford University on Earth, she was forced into resignation when she constructed a pneumatic harness better than that of the school’s best alumni. Since then, she has traveled to Malifaux and found the Freikorps, who respect ability no matter the package.

Hannah is a mercenary and can be added to any list. She is good at denying enemies suits they may need for their actions. Her “Counterspell” ability removes the suits of Ca actions targeting her, and her “Nether Flux” ability removes all printed suits from enemies near her, making Triggers and certain actions more difficult or impossible. She also has Armor, an impressive melee range that generates blasts, and an action that can Bury models. Best of all is “Make a New Entry”, which copies a powerful spell from a nearby model. If you want to disrupt enemy spells and get a host of other great abilities, Hannah is for you!

Outcast Set, containing a single 32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Hannah".

#WYR 20507 - Price: $ 35.00 - $ 28.00 On Sale!
salvage_logistics.jpeg Outcasts - Salvage and Logistics: Leveticus Box Set

Leveticus is the proprietor of Captivating Salvage and Logistics, a small shop in Malifaux City that offers a variety of services. He and his young companion, Alyce, have been staples of the city since the opening of the Breach. Whatever the job or item required, common wisdom holds that Leveticus is the man to talk to. What few know, however, is that Leveticus is a man of unique magical talents. For those limited few he trusts, he is an unparalleled source of arcane knowledge and items. His mechanical leg, and Alyce's prosthetic arm, are both his own design which rival the work of even Viktor Ramos. Leveticus has discovered a way to cheat death itself. Combining ancient necromantic texts with modern theories, he has made a link between his soul and dead husks he calls Hollow Waifs. So long as a Waif is nearby, Leveticus can return to life. This is not without cost, as he remembers each death clearly. The memories take their toll, slowly eroding the edges of his mind. Young Alyce is a lifeline for him, always able to ground the necromancer after a difficult return from the aether. According to the witch, Zoraida, Leveticus is positioned at the center of Fate's design. While the exact details are uncertain, he is one of the lynchpins upon which the destiny of all Malifaux turns. He awaits the future with stoic determination, holding close to Alyce and his allies. If there is to be a new war with the Tyrants, they will find Leveticus prepared to lead the charge to the end of the world.

Rusty Alyce

Rusty Alyce is Leveticus’s young protégé and companion. She is brash, reckless and, many would argue, not entirely sane. Her right arm has been replaced by a mechanical prosthetic that she has been known to talk to. While not the best in social situations, nobody can question her potency in combat, and she has even begun to learn the ways of the aether from Leveticus.

Rusty Alyce is an amazing shooting model with a stellar weak damage of 3 on her Clockwork Seeker combined with the “Rapid Fire” action which can be used to take more shots. If the enemy does get in close, she can prevent Charges against her and nearby friendly models with “Snares” and she is still decent in close combat. Finally, she can make Constructs gain Reactivate and even summon Abominations on occasion. Rusty Alyce is a strong choice for any list.

Hollow Waif

Hollow Waifs are corpses raised by Leveticus to serve as shells for his regeneration. Should he be killed, he is capable of reforming himself through a Waif so long as one is around. It is unclear if the Waifs have any personality; they do not even react to direct harm. Alyce has a particular dislike of them, so they tend not to last too long.

Hollow Waifs are Leveticus’s totem and may only be included in crews led by him. Leveticus may hire up to two Waifs and summon a third. The sole purpose of a Hollow Waif is to allow Leveticus to come back to the table if he was killed that turn. As such, protecting them is vitally important. Leveticus may only return if a Waif is alive and within 6” of a model with a cost of 6 or more. Every Leveticus crew should include Hollow Waifs.


There are many relics from Malifaux’s past. Some amateur treasure hunters have found remnants of creatures that blended flesh and metal. Leveticus is the only necromancer who has been able to raise such a creature, eventually perfecting his own version of it. Many question why these Abominations sometimes have such human features.

Abominations are commonly found in Leveticus lists as he often has many models with the ability to summon Abominations. They are cheap, disposable models that are good at harassing the enemy. They have a number of area effects that make them dangerous to be near, dealing damage to enemies in a pulse and preventing enemies from using (0) actions near them. They can use “Vile Reclamation” to damage a friendly Construct and draw a card, which makes them good when paired with durable Constructs such as Lazarus. Additionally, if four Abominations are sacrificed, a Desolation Engine is summoned.

Outcast Box Set, containing nine 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and Upgrade Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly. Contains one model and one stat card for "Leveticus", one model and one stat card for "Rusty Alyce", three models and three stat cards for "Hollow Waif", and four models and three stat cards for "Abomination". Also includes six upgrade cards: Pariah of Bone, From Ash, To the Earth Return, Pariah of Iron, From the Aether, and Desolate Soul.

#WYR 20506 - Price: $ 50.00 - $ 40.00 On Sale!
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